How To Get Sol In A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox

This is how you can get Sol in A Universal Time.

Sol in A Universal Time is a Stand, which is buffed and non-canon version of Star Platinum. As you may already know A Universal Time is a Roblox game based around the popular anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure which also features characters from other well-known games and anime series. This Stand is blue and black in color and also happens to wear fingerless gloves. Let us see how you can get Sol in AUT.

How to Get Sol in AUT

aut how to get sol
Image credit: Skiez on YouTube

To begin with, your character shouldn’t have any Stand. If your character does have a Stand that isn’t “Star Platinum” you can get it to reset from an NPC in that game that goes by the name “Ability Resetter”. By doing that you can get a fresh start. If you already have Star Platinum as your Stand you can skip the first step. So let us see the steps to get Sol in A Universal Time.

  • From an arrow get the Stand “Star Platinum”
  • Defeat Dio
  • Select “Yes” when asked “Do you wish to know the cosmos?”
  • Now complete the quest “Creation Of The Cosmos”. It requires you to do the following tasks:
    • Inflict 5k damage with Star Platinum
    • Block 1500 Damage with Star Platinum
    • 5 Timestop Kills
    • Kill Dio with Star Platinum (Be sure to keep Tales of the Universe Book in your action bar)
  • After you defeat Dio while doing the last task of the quest again select “Yes” when asked, “Do you wish to know the cosmos?”

If you follow the above steps correctly you should have Sol as your Stand now.

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Sol Abilities and Damage

  • Stand Summon: Press Q, it summons the Stand but doesn’t do any damage.
  • LMB Combo: Click the Left Mouse Button, it makes Sol throw 4 punches, the first three will deal 9.25 damage and the last punch does 30 damage.
  • Teleport Barrage: Press E, move the cursor towards the opponent, and your player and Sol will teleport towards the opponent while dealing 4 damage in each strike and 10 for the final punch.
  • Intangible Punch: Press R, Sol will charge a blue forcefield sphere on its right fist. It throws the punch after 3 seconds, dealing 50-60 damage while also knocking back the enemy.
  • Nuclear Fusion: Press T, Sol will throw blue colored Blackhole sphere in the direction your character is facing, this Blackhole will deal damage along the path and explode when reaching the end.
  • Sol Star: Press F, Sol will start building up his attack. When the build-up is complete it will attack all the players in the range of your character.

That sums up everything you need to know about Sol and his abilities. If you didn’t like Sol, why not get Sans? That’s right you can have Sans from Undertale as a Stand. Check out our guide on how to get Sans in A Universal Time.