How To Get Skill Points In Enshrouded

Farming Skill Points is a necessity if you want to get new abilities in Enshrouded. Check out here to know how you can ample Skill Points.

To become an irresistible force against the evil in Enshrouded, you will have to keep upgrading yourself. For that, I can’t think of a better way than unlocking new Skills and Abilities. You just need to invest some Skill Points in the Skill Tree (strategically) for that to happen. The only trouble is gathering Skill Points to advance in the Skill Tree.

So, we have created this guide to help you find Skill Points fast in Enshrouded. That said, if you are interested in unlocking the Best Skills early, this is the right place to get started.

Here’s How to Get Skill Points in Enshrouded

As of now, there are only two ways to get Skill Points, and here are they:

Level Up

It goes without saying that you will get precious rewards after leveling up your character. Once you hit certain levels in Enshrouded, you are rewarded with some Skill Points. To level up quickly, you can do these tasks – explore new POIs, kill enemies, mine ore, and do quests. I think killing enemies and exploration are your best bet if you want to farm Skill Points faster.

Harvest Shroud Roots

Shroud Roots are red glowy Alien trees that drop Skill Points when chopped off. You will surely need a Pickaxe for that job. The Shroud Roots are found anywhere on the map and you will have to explore to find them. To make your life easy, we will mark the locations of the Shroud Roots in the image below:

Shroud Roots Location in Enshrouded
Image Credits to MapGenie

It should be noted that a Shroud Root respawns in the same location again. However, you will only get the Skill Point while chopping it for the first time. Once you have collected the Skill Points from a Shroud Root, it will show a “checked” icon on the map. Meaning that you have already completed this location.

Shroud Root

Also, it is worth noting that Shroud Roots are also found inside the Elixir Wells. You can always head into them and harvest a Shroud Root there. But beware of the enemies nearby. Aside from this, one more thing you should know. If you join a multiplayer session and try to harvest a Shroud Root on someone else’s world, then you won’t get Skill Point, if you have completed that place in your world.

These are all some important things you should know while farming Skill Points. Otherwise, you know that Enshrouded is not for beginners. For anything else related to Enshrouded, be sure to stick with us. We have covered plenty of helpful guides for you.