How To Get Six Eyes In Anime Last Stand (Material Guide)

The one who dominates above and below, Satoru Gojo aka Strongest Sorcerer uses Six Eyes in Anime Last Stand to evolve into Celestial unmasked. And here is how to get the material in ALS.

The Mythic unit Strongest Sorcerer is based on the popular manga turned anime Jujutsu Kaisen character Satoru Gojo. In ALS, he becomes more powerful by removing the blindfold and can use his ability Unlimited Void at max upgrade. However, getting him unmasked is a challenging task. You need three things to evolve him to Celestial: 2 Strongest Sorcerer units, 25 Spirit Shards, and 6 Six Eyes in Anime Last Stand.

Collecting Spirit Shards is comparatively more accessible than the eyes, so you might already have the required amount by now. Even if you don’t, you can refer to our linked guide to get those, and this is for Six Eyes. With that said, let’s wait no more and gather the items.

Where to Find Six Eyes in Anime Last Stand

Where to Find Six Eyes in Anime Last Stand
Image Credit: Smack on YouTube

Six Eyes is a drop of Challenge mode. It doesn’t matter which act you attempt. All have a 22.5% chance of dropping the material. At the time of writing, there are eight types of challenges: Barebones, Tower Limit, Flight, No Hit, Speedy, High Cost, Short Range, and Immunity.

Since their default difficulty is Nightmare, all of these have certain limitations. We would recommend attempting them with the group to clear faster. Another thing that you need to know before going to the arena is that you can only participate in the challenge whose act you have cleared.

They reset after half an hour, so if you haven’t completed the associated act, finish it from the Story mode or wait for the refresh. Once you have cleared the act, use the TPs button in the left corner and select Challenge to teleport there. Apart from the eyes, these challenges reward you with Spirit Shards and Cursed Fingers.

Now that you have the Six Eyes in Anime Last Stand, you can evolve the Strongest Sorcerer from the Units. While grinding for the item, you must have collected the Cursed Fingers, so get the Sukuna and evolve him with it.