How To Get And Evolve Sukuna In Anime Last Stand (ALS)

Want to get the unsuppressed version of the Curse King Sukuna in Anime Last Stand? Here is all you need to evolve this unit in ALS.

Curse King Sukuna in Anime Last Stand is one of the Mythic units that, like the Exotic Flash, can be evolved using specific items. There aren’t many units that have the evolution feature in them, which makes it pretty unique even in the game. While obtaining it can be rigorous work, evolving it is even more tiresome and often confusing due to lack of explanation. But since you have made your way here, you don’t need to worry about those. We have covered everything that you need to know and do for it.

As many of you might already have recognized, this unit is inspired by a famous manga-turned-anime Jujutsu Kaisen character, Sukuna. Thus, like the series, his powers are suppressed, and rather than his name, you will find him with the title of Curse King (Suppressed) when unlocked.

How to Get Curse King and Evolve Sukuna in Anime Last Stand

Get Curse King and Evolve Sukuna in Anime Last Stand
Get Curse King from the banner in Anime Last Stand (Image Credit: Radinal on YouTube)

Curse King (Suppressed) aka Sukuna is obtained from the banner. It is a Mythic unit, so the chances of getting it is 0.5%. Additionally, before using the Summon, you must check that it is available at that time. Only one Mythic unit is present in any banner. If it is not there, wait for the choices to refresh. You can see the time remaining for refresh on the left side.

While you are waiting for it to appear in the banner, check and complete quests to earn Emeralds. You can use those Emeralds to perform multiple summons and get the Curse King faster. You can also use the codes to get some of these currencies for free.

How to Evolve Curse King (Suppressed) to Curse King in ALS

Once you have the character, you can go to the Units and tap on it to find the Evolve button. It will show you everything required for evolution. In the case of the Curse King (Suppressed), you need 12 Cursed Fingers. You get Sukuna Fingers from the Challenges, and there is a 20% to 30% chance of getting it as a drop. After you have collected all the fingers, follow these steps to Evolve Sukuna in Anime Last Stand:

  • Use the Units option from the left corner of the main screen.
  • Select Curse King (Suppressed) and tap on the Evolve button.
  • Now, it will show you the items required for the evolution. Which are the fingers and the unit itself.
  • Since you have both of them, hit the Evolve button to get the unsuppressed version of the unit.

That’s all on how to unlock and evolve Curse King Sukuna in Anime Last Stand. If this was interesting and helpful to you, be sure to check out the other ALS topics we have covered at Gamer Tweak. Start by finding out about the Red Dragon Empress and get the Lovely Arrancar.