Granblue Fantasy Relink: How To Get Silver Centrum

Farm the Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink and uncap your favorite weapons.

Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink stands as one of the most difficult farming items. It is a Legendary rarity material used for foraging, upgrading, and uncapping weapons and gears. You use the material through the Blacksmith of Folca or Seedhollow. While many quests drop it, none are permanent. There are only two SQs that give you this as a first-time clear reward; all others are chance-based.

However, quests are not the only way to get this item in GBF Relink. Here we have added all the farming methods to get this silver orb whose dark cores look like the galaxy due to traces of light surrounding it.

Best Ways to Farm Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Best Ways to Farm Silver Centrum in GBF Relink
Image Credit: Nero on YouTube

The fastest and the best way to farm Silver Centrum is through the Counter Quest Zegagrande Legend Maniac and Proud. You unlock these after completing Chapter 0 of the main story. The two SQs that give the orb in first clear are also from this grade:

  • The Final Report (Proud)
  • Saga Grande: Happily Ever After (Maniac)

After this, the listed Zegagrande Legends have the chance to drop them:

  • Maniac Quests –
    • Golemology 103: Forest Golems
    • Hope in the Machine
    • A New Breed
    • I See a Grim Vision
    • Throw a Smith a Bone
    • Revenge of the Hordes
    • Serenity Upon the Mount
    • Roost and Reign
    • Boss Done Want It Did
    • Know Your Enemy
    • I See a Chromatic Vision
    • The Saga Continues: Wind
    • Saga Illustrated: Crystal
    • Id Bears Repeating
    • The Saga Continues: Silver
    • Saga Illustrated: Veil
    • The Saga Continues: Earth
    • Saga Illustrated: Hellfire
  • Proud Quests –
    • Blazing Trial
    • Grounded Trial
    • Stormy Trial
    • Frigid Trial
    • Worst Vacation Ever
    • Trade Barriers
    • Melting Pot of Hostility
    • Banquet of Ice and Corpses
    • For a Freer Folca

Other Ways to Get Silver Centrum in GBF Relink

Get Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Image Credit: Nero on YouTube

Apart from the quest, the only way to get these silver orbs is through the Treasure Trade. It is one of the services provided by Siero’s Knickknack Shack. The shop is run by an NPC called Sierokarte, and you will find the seller in Folca or Seedhollow. You might be wondering why this is not the best way. It is due to the reason that you have to trade specific items to get the Silver Centrum. There are several different material requirements, most of which are difficult, demanding items like Epic Frosty War Axe.

That’s all about the ways to farm Silver Centrum in Granblue Fantasy Relink. If this helped you get the orbs faster, you should check out our other material guides, like Fortitude Crystals, and find out how to get more Crewmate cards.