Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find & Get Seaweed?

Know the location and uses of Seaweeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Apart from completing story missions, you can take frequent breaks in this game and focus on building your own town like any other life-simulation game. Fishing and Crafting are a few of these doable in this game. Both of these are considered important aspects of progressing further in the game. However, crafting any item in this game would require you to gather the necessary resources. Seaweed is one such resource that can be used to craft items. But, the location of this collectible is not marked on the map and it requires to be found by exploration. Here’s our guide that features steps to get Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Locations)

How to get Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Seaweed is an important resource you might require to complete certain quests in this game. Here’s how to get the Seaweed in this game:

  • Once you have completed Merlin’s quest, Pillar of Friendship, you’ll unlock a new region known as Dazzle Beach.
  • You can find Seaweed in abundance on the shores of Dazzle Beach.
  • Other locations where the Seaweeds spawn are the shores of Forgotten Lands, Forest of Valor, Peaceful Meadow, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Glade of Trust.
  • Once collected, they respawn again after some time in the game.
  • In addition, it is possible to get the Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley by Fishing.
  • After completing the Royal Tools quest, you’ll obtain a Fishing Rod.
  • Thereafter, head over to a lake and start fishing. While fishing, keep in mind that the area where the bubbles are seen are the areas with fishes and not Seaweeds.
  • So, try to fish near the area where there ain’t any bubbles popping out of water.
  • Further, you can use that Fishing Rod to get the Seaweed. Moreover, you can make a villager join you while fishing so the chances of getting it increases.
  • Seaweed is used to craft a Fiber. 1x Seaweed can get you 5x Fiber that is used to craft multiple items like Rope, Basket, Burlap Bags, Festive Pennants, etc.
  • Also, Seaweed is capable of providing you 25x Energy points and 20x Star Coins.

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That’s everything you should know about the Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on getting an Eel.