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Peroxide: How To Get Schrift (Quincy Progression)

Do this to get Schrift fast in Roblox Peroxide. And become the invincible Quincy.

In Peroxide, getting Schrift and Vollstandig is one of the main goals of Quincy. Though getting Schrift moves like Oasis is difficult, the chances of getting it and Forest are not zero. If you are lucky, you might get one of the rare moves like Eidolon and Apocalypse. Nonetheless, you should try your luck and obtain Schrift to get Rare and Legendary moves. Plus, getting common moves such as Odyssey is still not bad. So read along and learn how to get Schrift and become the invincible Quincy.

How to Get Schrift in Roblox Peroxide


There are three things you need to do or get bestowed with Schrift.

  • Reach level 15+ as Quincy
  • Talk to the Yhwach.
  • Hunt using Bounty Medallion or complete Invasion.

Complete the task and kill Hollows to become level 15+. And once you have reached the level, use Schatten to get to Wandenreich. Look for the Yhwach Castle. As soon as you enter the Castle, you will find Yhwach sitting on his throne. Approach and talk to him. Now select “I’m looking for promotion, your majesty“. He will tell you to prove yourself worthy. He bestows you with Schrift in Peroxide, so you have to prove yourself. And to do that you have to meet General Alberich and complete a hunt or Invasion.

General Alberich is in his General Shop of Wandenreich. The shop is on the left of the kingdom’s entrance. The General is hanging from the ceiling, so you wouldn’t have a hard time recognizing him. Now, there are two ways to get and complete the hunt. First, you can talk to the General. He will give you the Invasion task. Second, you can buy the Bounty Medallion and hunt the assigned player.

After you have completed the hunt, talk to the Yhwach to get Schrift in Peroxide. Getting Schrift on the first try is very rare, so he might just dismiss you with some harsh words. But no need to get disheartened, as every time you fail the chance of getting it increases by 10%. So keep using Bounty Medallion and going on Invasion till Yhwach is impressed and gives you the Schrift.

This is all you have to do to get Schrift in Peroxide. If you found this guide useful, and are looking for more Peroxide guides, you should check our Time Bubble guide and use Peroxide codes for free rewards.