How To Get Rengoku Packs In Rainbow Six Seige (R6)

The Rengoku Packs feature some of the best samurai inspired skins, so here's how to get them in R6.

The new Rainbow Six Seige (R6) event features Rengoku Packs, which players can get to unlock new weapon skins and operator cosmetics. This event is available from June 28th to July 19th, 2023. Veteran players may remember that this event was also available in 2022. Similar to the old one, the new Rengoku event takes place on a modified version of the Skyscraper map in a TDM format. Players can respawn to take control of the map and collect kills. This event also features some amazing skins and chances to get them for free. In this guide, you’ll learn how to obtain the Rengoku Packs in this game.

How to Get Rengoku Packs in R6

Get Free Rengoku Pack in R6
Image Source: coreross on YouTube

You will get a free Rengoku Pack by simply logging into Rainbow Six Seige while the event is on. For more Rengoku Packs, you can complete the two Battle Pass challenges in this event’s weekly objectives. Since this R6 event is running for three weeks, you can get four Rengoku Packs for free. Make sure you claim your free event pack at the bottom of the Rengoku Collection in the store.

Complete challenges to get Rengoku packs
Image Source: coreross on YouTube

Alternatively, you can also buy these packs for the following prices:

  • 1 Pack – 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown
  • 4 Packs – 1,200 R6 Credits or 50,000 Renown
  • 8 Packs – 2,400 R6 Credits or 100,000 Renown
  • 16 Packs – 4,800 R6 Credits or 200,000 Renown
  • 39 Packs – 11,700 R6 Credits or 487,500 Renown

What’s Included in the New Rengoku Packs in Rainbow Six Seige

The Rengoku event features new weapon skins like the Epic Sentinel Spirit. Moreover, it also features the following new operator headgear and uniforms:

  • Hibana: Hopelessness Incarnate
  • Valkyrie: Otherworldly Stunner
  • Grim: Toxicognath
  • Mozzie: Malediction Vector

You can find these skins in the Collection Bundles along with the old event skins. Moreover, the event also features a new Signature Pack along with a plethora of new skins.

We hope this guide helps you to get Rengoku Packs in Rainbow Six Seige (R6). We have more helpful guides like the best attackers and defenders to pick, so make sure you check them in our R6 section.