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Elden Ring: How to Get Raptor Of The Mists Ashes Of War

Tring to get Raptor of the Mists in Elden Ring? Check out this guide to learn how you can get it.

If you like playing aggressive then you should definitely get the Raptor of the Mists Ashes of War in Elden Ring. This is also a throwback to the Mist Raven Prosthetic Tool from Sekiro. But before I digress to Sekiro let’s get back to this game. When you use this Ash of War it works by making you disappear when the enemy attacks connect. So now that you know how it works, let us quickly check how you can get it.

How to Get the Raptor of the Mists in Elden Ring


elden ring raptor of the mists location

You can get this Ash of War by progressing in the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura Questline. Don’t worry you don’t have to complete the whole questline just follow the steps explained below.

  1. Fast Travel to Seaside Ruins and go southeast to the campfire under the large debris. You can also reach here by going to Agheel Lake south and going northwest.
  2. Here talk to Bloody Finger Hunter Yura and exhaust his dialogues. In case you don’t find him here you can continue with the next step or the one after it.
  3. Next, Go to the Murkwater Cave and head south. Here you will fight the invader Bloody Finger Nerijuss. During this fight, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will join you to help you in the fight.
  4. Defeat Nerijuss and you will get the Reduvia. Now head north on this lake and you will find Yura under the bridge-like area.
  5. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogues here as well.
  6. Fast Travel to Main Academy Gate and start heading northeast on the bridge.
  7. Here you will find a red summon sign. Use it.
  8. You will get summoned by Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to fight Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin.
  9. After you defeat Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin you can return to your own world.
  10. Once you get back you will get the Raptor of the Mists Ashes of War.


That covers everything you should know about how to get the Raptor of the Mists Ashes of War. Since you are looking for Ashes of war you should also learn about how to get & use them, how to remove them, & how to sell them in this game.