How To Get Portal Mastery In Ability Wars (Steps Guide)

If you haven't obtained the Portal Mastery in Roblox Ability Wars, then you're really missing out. So check out how you can unlock this ability easily.

Many Roblox Ability Wars fans after the Astrum Deus badge, which can only be unlocked after completing the Portal Mastery puzzle. This puzzle is pretty challenging and not that easy to complete, and that’s what players like about it. Apart from the badge, it also grants the Portal ability a mastery move known as Aperture Vacuum. Portals that are created using this ability will automatically make the A portal a Vaccum to suck players in. And the B portal will be the exit that will launch the players out of it. So if you want to troll your friends with this ability then here’s what you’ll need to do to get the Portal Mastery.

How to Unlock Portal Mastery in Roblox Ability Wars

To unlock Portal Mastery in Ability Wars you’ll first have to enter the Portal Mastery puzzle by using a wooden key. This key spawns in random locations in the Public Arena. But don’t worry below we have mentioned some of the spots where the key spawns very often.

key location ability wars
Source Image: ItzVexo
  • Head into the cabin and climb the ladder beside the main door to search the attic.

    How to Unlock Portal Mastery in Roblox Ability Wars puzzle solution
    Source Image: ItzVexo
  • Head inside the cabin and look behind the counter where the cat & dog are sitting.

    key location inventor NPC portal mastery ability wars
    Source Image: ItzVexo
  • Climb the tree with the stairs and head to enter the secret area and look behind Inventor NPC chair.

    blue potato key location ability wars portal mastery
    Source Image: ItzVexo
  • Go behind the cabin and teleport into the wall to pick the key from behind the blue potato.

    look under every tree for key location ability wars
    Source Image: ItzVexo
  • Look around all the trees in the game, the key can also spawn under any tree.
secret door to use the key to get the portal mastery ability wars
Source Image: ItzVexo

After you have the Wooden key head to the tree with a pool beside the cabin as marked in the image above. Doing so will open a secret portal door for you. Now here starts the real grind where you have to complete the Portal mastery puzzle.

Steps to Solve Portal Mastery Puzzle in Ability Wars

secret door to the portal mastery puzzle ability wars
Source Image: ItzVexo

After you enter the secret door, simply touch the portal that lies in the room and you’ll be teleported to a strange location. Here again, enter a small square-type portal to enter start the Portal Mastery quest. As mentioned earlier, completing this puzzle will get you the Astrum Deus Badge you’re looking for in Roblox Ability Wars. Before you rush into it, do note, the puzzle needs to be completed in 45 seconds. And to help you with that below are tips & tricks you can use.

  1. Press Q to place a portal beside you and press E to place a portal near the bulb on the top to land on the platform above.
  2. Next, shoot a portal again through the narrow opening, and go to the other side.
  3. After that, again place portals as you did previously to get on the top of the platform.
  4. Now, keep repeating the process until you find the final portal.
  5. After you touch the final portal you’ll get the Astrum Deus badge and the Portal Mastery.
  • Here’s a puzzle solution video for your reference. 

That sums up all about how you can get Portal Mastery in Roblox Ability Wars easily. If you play such games quite often, then do check out our Roblox game guides section for more tips & tricks. Also, take a look at the Roblox Promo Codes Wiki to get free rewards for your favorite games.