How To Get Out Of The Well In Witcher 3

Stuck on the Devil by the Well contract? Check out our guide on how to get out of the well in Witcher 3.

The Devil by the Well is the first contract quest in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. You can find this contract on the notice board or by speaking to Odolan. While this quest is pretty easy, it requires defeating a Noonwraith. As players progress with the quest, they have to find a bracelet using their Witcher senses. But as players get down the well, they are unable to get out from underwater. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get out of the Well in Witcher 3.

How to Get Out of the Well in Witcher 3

You can get out of the well by diving deep underwater to find an exit in Witcher 3. Once you find the route, swim straight and head in the right direction to find a cave. You need to keep on swimming your way out until you find green marshes across the cavern.

witcher 3 get out of well
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As you pass through the cavern, hit the Surface keybind to get out of the water. Now, head back to the well where you can find a skeleton. The Noonwraith will appear as soon as you burn the bracelet and the corpse. Regardless of the time of the day, a Noonwraith will appear ready to fight you. If you read the Yellow diary from one of the three houses, you already know her susceptibilities or weaknesses.

witcher 3 get out of well

These monsters are weak to Moon Dust, Yrden, and Specter Oil. So, make sure to use them during the fight. You will get several rewards for defeating the Noonwraith along with the Noonwraith Trophy. Furthermore, you can head back to Odolan to get 50 XP and 20 Crowns. But if you refuse the 20 Crowns, you get an Amethyst from Odolan for helping out. This would conclude the Devil by the Well contract.

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