How To Get Out Of Bronze Rank In Valorant

Tips and Tricks to rank up from Bronze in Valorant.

Playing Competitive in Valorant can be tough and as a result, can be slow in progressing your rank. It can be daunting for LOW ELO players as they are new to the game and have little experience of it. This guide will help those who are hard stuck in LOW ELO as well but here is how to get out of Bronze Rank in Valorant.

How to Rank Up From Bronze Rank in Valorant

LOW ELO is the section of the ranks in Valorant where new and inexperienced players reside. Usually, a lack of basics is why their progress is slow or stagnant. Below I have listed a few tips that will help you out as they are easily masterable.

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Here are the Tips and Tricks on how to rank up from Bronze Rank or any rank in general:

Crosshair Placement

Most players in this rank have bad crosshair placement as they don’t know where to look. Crosshair Placement is the act of keeping your crosshair at where your opponent’s head is going to be. By doing so you will require less work for correcting your aim and hence fewer bullets will get wasted. Here the motto is to improve your aim with the least effort possible. An example could be on the A-Main of a Site. Look at where the opponent is going to be rather than looking in the open. Keeping your crosshair at head-level will net you some good kills.

Warm-up and Practice in and out of Valorant

It sounds repetitive but Practice makes Perfect. Practicing your aim is a good thing as you will develop the muscle memory to aim where you need to. You can Practice by going to the shooting range and practice on easy mode for the timer mode with Bots and from there increase the difficulty. Playing Deathmatches is another way as you will practice against real enemies. Alternatively, you could use Aimlabs or Kovaaks. As Practice is important so is Warm-Up.

Before you start playing a Competitive or Unrated, Warming Up in the range or playing one or to Deathmatches is important as it will get you into the groove. Trying to Warm-Up during the game will prove too bad as you won’t be able to play properly and when you do get Warmed Up, it will be too late and you will lose your rank just like that. Check out our guide on improving your Aim.

Main and Master an Agent

Having in-depth knowledge about Valorant’s Agents is important for ranking up from Bronze. Usually having a variety of Agents in your Roaster to play can be good but if don’t know how to play any of them properly then the Roaster you have is as good as not. Main one Agent at a time, learn their abilities, learn Lineups if required but most importantly learn to use them to solve the problems as they come before you.

For example, Omen has 1 Paranoia, 2 Shroud Steps, and 2 Dark Cover; You can use his Dark Cover to smoke out choke points and other important areas, denying vision while using Paranoia will blind anyone holding a close angle, and Shroud Steps will help you get into areas otherwise not possible like higher elevations or dodging attacks like Raze’s Showstopper. This basic use of Omen, the more you play him you will understand Omen can be a sneaky and crafty agent which will help you to outplay your enemies.

Usually, people in Lower ranks like Bronze don’t know how to use their Agents correctly, so knowing your Agent will give you an edge over them. If you like maining Skye or Killjoy, I would recommend you to check out our guides on them.

Use Your Abilities

Most players in this rank like Bronze are new,  so they don’t know how to use their Agents Abilities to their max potential. Instead of saving on your Utility (Abilities) for the next round, use them when you are trying to do something. The idea of abilities is to make an unfair situation for your opponents so you can win. Let’s say you are playing Phoenix and you turn around a corner, you die there as the enemy was looking at that angle. Instead, you flash at that corner before you turn, now the enemy is flashed and cannot see you coming. This gave you an advantage. The same thing can be achieved with other abilities like Cypher’s Cyber Cage and Smokes from Controllers.

Play with Teammates

Playing matches with friends is one of the best ways of ensuring wins and ranking up. A team with good chemistry and communication will always win even though the opponents may be better than you mechanically and by Aim. Even if you lose as a team because the other team was better there will be teams that are not and you can get higher in your ranks because of it. Communication and Team Chemistry is always the deciding factor when the two teams are of similar skill. Valorant rewards teams with coordination and you will rank up from Bronze in no time.

Don’t Be Toxic

Toxicity is the killer of all teams. No matter how good you are or your team can be, toxicity destroys that. If even one person is toxic, his/her toxicity will spread ruining any chance of your team working together. You cannot do anything if the other person is toxic but make it a point that you are not the toxic one. As you improve in ranks, you will have friendlier teammates so hang on. Ranks like Bronze have a good number of players who will be toxic so don’t let it ruin your game.

Have a Positive Mindset in Valorant

Your Mindset decides what you want to do in Valorant. Having a weak and negative mindset is going to lead to a chain of losses because you had already decided to lose. So have a Positive Mindset, don’t let the round lose get to you, encourage your teammates and yourself. Having an idea of what you want to do will boost your chances of a win and spreading this to your team will just amplify that. If the game gets too much for you to handle then just take a break. leaving the game for a while will help you clear your mind and will let you think properly.

Being in LOW ELO like Bronze can be frustrating but if you follow this guide you will rank up to gold and higher in no time. Hopefully, this guide has helped you ranking up from Bronze Rank. Now go on and defeat those Radiants…

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