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How To Play As Killjoy In Valorant (Agent Guide)

Here's how to play and master Killjoy in Valorant. Use these tips, tricks and tactics to win games with Killjoy.

Valorant has a new agent and that’s Killjoy. She is from Germany and is an absolute genius who loves robots and gadgets. Her smartness can come in very handy during matches especially in post plant situations. If you are wondering how to play as Killjoy and then eventually master here, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to make the most of her abilities and win games.

Valorant Killjoy Tips: How to Master Killjoy

Killjoy is a Sentinel agent who has some interesting special abilities. Let’s take a look at them:

What are Killjoy’s abilities?

  • Alarmbot: With this, you can deploy a bot that will explode near your opponents when they get in range. This will make them vulnerable which is when you can peek and shoot.
  • Turret: Deploy a turret that will shoot enemies in a 180 degree vision cone.
  • Nanoswarm (Signature Ability): As the name suggests, you can use the Nanoswarm ability to attack an enemy with a swarm of nanobots. Best to clear out some hidden foes. To deal damage to unsuspecting enemies, put the grenade in areas where it can’t be easily seen.
  • Lockdown (Ultimate Ability): Place this device on the ground and after sometime, it will detain all enemies in the radius of the dome, making them vulnerable. During this period, they won’t be able to shoot, they get slowed and can’t defuse the spike as well. Ideal for those post plant moments in the game.

If you want, you can recall these abilities. Enemies can destroy your devices too. You have to note that there is a cooldown period associated with them so make sure to utilize them only in essential moments and areas of the map.

How to Play as Killjoy (and Master this Agent)

To play as Killjoy, you have to first be fully aware of the map. Since she is a sentinel, you have to use her to gather information about your opponents. Remember that more than attacks, she is better for defense. In fact, she is a bit weak in the attack and aggression aspect. But she works exceptionally well with Cypher who has a similar concept, so you can work with him to give the most impact.

With a strategic placement of the Turret and the Lockdown device, you can change the game in your favor. Hence, you can easily take control of a site when you are attacking as Killjoy. Similarly, use the Nanoswarm and Alarmbot if well-timed. Killjoy succeeds when you place traps or distractions for your enemies and don’t go head-on with them. Use Turret along with Sage’s walls to get to spots that can be hard to reach.

In short, gather intel, catch enemies in your device’s radius, distract them and hold sites with Killjoy. She is great at all of this. With these tips and enough practice, you will be able to master Killjoy. Try out custom matches to get a hang of all her abilities and then get ready to play as Killjoy in Valorant. Knowing the right time to deploy the right gadget can turn things entirely in your favor with this agent.

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