How To Get Ornaments In Pet Simulator 99

Want to decorate a tree with Ornaments in Pet Simulator 99? Here’s how you can get and use them.

In celebration of Christmas, PS99 has added a bunch of new features, such as Christmas Presents, the Elf on the Shelf, a Gingerbread chest, Candy Cane breakables, and more. Ornaments in Pet Simulator 99 are one of the many things you can get during this event. They are customizable, rare items that we use as decorations. If you haven’t found any yet, then here are the ways to get and use them in the game.

How to Get and Use Ornaments in Pet Simulator 99

Get and Use Ornaments in Pet Simulator 99
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There are two ways to get Ornaments for free: Christmas Presents and Gingerbread Chests. Apart from these, you get a single piece of the decoration by purchasing the Exclusive Shop Holiday Pack. The pack costs 600 Robux and is available for a limited time.

Christmas presents are gift boxes placed anywhere on the map, like the Relics. Sometimes they are directly visible to the eyes, and sometimes they are hidden behind other objects. Every time you collect five Small Presents, you receive a Medium Present.

Combine Presents PS99
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It is best to first collect all of them and then use the Combine Presents feature to make a better one. The Combine Presents system is at the bottom of the egg hatch right stairs. Those boxes have a higher chance of dropping Ornaments.

Giant Gingerbread Chest will appear randomly in any area. By breaking them, you can collect Christmas Presents, Coins, Diamonds, and items like Ornaments. The chance of it dropping the decoration is rare, but it is worth the effort due to other things you get from the chest.

How to Use Ornaments in PS99

  1. Go to the main screen.
  2. Next, press the Pets button from the bottom to open the Inventory.
  3. Select the Items from the left bar.
  4. Choose the Ornament and use it to decorate the tree.
  5. Now, it will let you write a custom message, which will be visible to everyone.

That’s all you have to do to get Ornaments in Pet Simulator 99. If this was helpful, topics like how to get more pet slots and value lists will also be interesting for you.