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How To Farm & Get Nth Metal In Gotham Knights

Here are all the locations to find & get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights easily.

As we all know there are plenty of crimes going around Gotham city and now it’s your responsibility to stop them. So make sure you are suited up and equipped with all the best weapons you can. Players can even craft and upgrade their gears just by collecting certain resources. In such types of action-adventure games, crafting makes the grind much more interesting. However, some of the crafting materials are pretty rare to find. Among these rare materials, Nth Metal is one of the most difficult-to-get items in Gotham Knights. But don’t worry, in this guide we’ve mentioned all the locations to find & farm the Legendary Nth Metal.

Where to Find Nth Metal in Gotham Knights?

How To Get Nth Metal Gotham Knights
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The only way to find & get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights is by defeating as many as Enemies you can. This material tends to drop only when you fight crime and beat a villain or enemy in the game. However, as a downside, the drop rate of this item is pretty low. But players can always increase the chances of drops by defeating the Veteran or Champion enemies. Players can identify these though to fight Most Wanted enemies by their Crown which is visible after scanning them with the AR mode. Usually, these levels of villains are difficult to fight but can assure you some amount of Nth Metal in Gotham knights.

Another way to increase the drop rate is by setting the difficulty level from Normal to Hard. After making the changes simply grab your Grappler and swing around the city to fight crimes. If you’re unable to track some Veteran or Champion villains then you can always interrogate low-level suspects. Doing so will lead you to the high-level enemies you’re looking for.

This is all you need to know about how you can farm and get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights easily. While you’re here check out how you can get Legendary Loots in the game.