Noggin In My Singing Monsters: How To Get It

Suraj Nai
3 Min Read

Just like you, many new players are looking for ways to breed & get the Noggin in My Singing Monsters (MSM). This Earth element monster can surely benefit newcomers and help them increase their collections. As a downside, you can’t expect that much coin production from Noggin monsters. But when it comes to songs, it can make up to 9 different sounds depending on the island it spawns on. So without any further ado, let’s see if you can breed and get this starter monster in the game.

Can I Breed & Get Noggin in My Singing Monsters?

How To Get Noggin In My Singing Monsters – Any Combinations

The only way to get Noggin is by simply purchasing it from the Market for 300 coins in My Singing Monsters. It has no level requirement, so you can purchase it even at Level 1. Apart from that, there’s nothing else you can do to obtain this monster. We recommend you invest in Noggin without thinking twice, as it can help you breed into many other monsters in the game. Speaking of breeding, the incubation time of Noggin is up to 5 seconds which is pretty quick. Below are some Noggin offspring combinations that you can start with.

  • Noggin + Mammott = Drumpler
  • Potebelly + Noggin = Shrubb
  • Tweedle + Noggin = Cybop
  • Pando + Noggin = PomPom
  • Kayna + Noggin = Stogg

Players can furthermore, increase the breeding success rate, by using the Wishing Torch. And to increase the coin production you’ll have to increase it’s Happiness. For that, you’ll have to place Noggin’s favorite Decorations & monsters near it. Such as Drumpler, Shellbeat, & Kayna are this Earth-element monster’s favorite. Moreover, the Traveler’s Sign, Trumplite & Fire Bush are the decorations Noggin likes.  You can even get its rare version, known as Rare Noggin by breeding Trox & Clambe or T-Rox & PomPom. However, apart from more monsters to breed with, you can’t still count on Rare Noggin for good coin production.

That covers all about how you get Noggin in My Singing Monsters easily. While you’re here check out how to farm Relics in the game. Also, take a look at the ways to level up quickly in MSM.