How To Get Relics In My Singing Monsters (Farm Guide)

Relics is one of the currencies which can't be farmed easily. However, we will show you the best ways to get Relics In My Singing Monsters.

There are up to eight currencies in My Singing Monsters. But amongst them, Relics are the hardest to get. They are used to buy Fire Monsters, Vessels and repair the Amber Castle. Since you can’t find them easily, we have created a guide just for you. Find out how you can get Relics in My Singing Monsters.

Best Ways to Get Relics in My Singing Monsters


There are several methods that can help you earn Relics. However, we will show you the best way to get Relics in My Singing Monsters:

  1. The Daily Spin Wheel
  2. Daily Login Bonus
  3. Daily Memory Game
  4. Complete Goals to get Relics
  5. Collect Bonus Items from Monsters
  6. Farm Amber Island for Relics
  7. Exchange Diamonds

The Daily Spin Wheel

There are parts on the wheel that can give you three Relics if the arrow lands on it. If you’re lucky, you might also get a Treasure Chest that contains 10, 20 or even 30 Relics. You will get a free spin every day. However, you can also spend two diamonds to buy an extra spin on the Daily Wheel.

Daily Login Bonus

You can get rewards from the Daily Login Bonus in My Singing Monsters. You will get two Relics on Day 2, four on Day 4 and eight on Day 8. And the best part is that you can get 14 Relics if you log in to My Singing Monsters for 10 days straight.

Daily Memory Game

Daily Memory is a mini game in which you will need to match hidden cards. If luck is on your side, you have the opportunity to get 25 Relics. To participate in the Daily Memory Game, you will have to shell out two Diamonds.

Complete Goals to Get Relics

Breeding Goals can help you get Relics in My Singing Monsters. If you breed Fire Monsters and wait for Fire Monster’s Egg to hatch, you will complete a Breeding Goal. This will reward you between 1 to 4 Relics.

Collect Bonus Items from Monsters

There are some Monsters in My Singing Monsters that drop Relics. Only those Monsters that are above Level 15 can drop Relics. Higher level rare Reebro and rare Jeeode and even Quad Monsters will drop up to 3 Relics.

Farm Amber Island for Relics

Fire Monsters on Amber Island grant between 2-3 Relics every month. However, you will need to first purchase these monsters from the Island’s dedicated market. And they don’t come cheap, costing between 10-30 Relics each. Once you buy them, you will have to place these Fire Monsters around Amber Island. Though it might seem like a costly method, it will be largely beneficial for you in the long run when you are falling short of Relics.

Exchange Diamonds

Lastly, you can also get Relics by exchanging Diamonds in My Singing Monsters. Keep in mind that the exchange price will increase after every trade. For example, the 1st Relic will cost you 1 Diamond while the second one will cost you 3 Diamonds. This will keep increasing until you buy the 9th Relic. There will be a cap on the 10th Relic which is set at 50 Diamonds. Check out the exchange rate below to understand this better:

That’s all you need to know about how to get Relics in My Singing Monsters. For more guides on the game, head to our My Singing Monsters section today!