Roblox NIKELAND: How To Get Nike Basketball Head

Here's how you can unlock and get the Nike Basketball Head in NIKELAND easily.

In Roblox NIKELAND you can do various things to show off your virtual basketball skills. Players can also rule the game by unlocking various Nike gear and UGC items. Speaking of UGC items, developers have recently released a new Nike Basketball head in Roblox NIKELAND. However, the new UGC is not for sale yet and can be only obtained by fulfilling some requirements. So if you’re ready to wear the new stylish hat, then get into the steps down below.

How to Unlock Nike Basketball Head UGC in NIKELAND?

How To Get Nike Basketball Head In NIKELAND

Obtaining the Basketball Head UGC in NIKELAND is pretty easy yet time-consuming. In order to get it, you will have to earn at least 14,000 XP in the game. And only then you’ll be able to unlock the Nike Basketball Head and the corresponding badge. Wondering how you can farm this amount of XP in the game quickly? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

How to Farm XP in Roblox NIKELAND Fast?

In order to farm XP quickly in NIKELAND the players can always play the mini-games. To play these games you’ll first need to head to the huge Orange Basketball area on the map. As soon as you reach there, simply enter the portal in the center of the ball. And there you’ll see various mini-games ready for you to play.

Play 1v1 to Get Nike Basketball Head

The best way to farm XP in the game is by playing the 1v1 mini-game. In this mode, you can easily bag more than 1000XP per match. So start grinding in this mode and you’ll unlock the Nike Basketball Head in Roblox NIKELAND easily.

Play Dunk Contest

Another way to obtain XP quickly is by playing the Dunk Contest mini-game. In this game, you’ll get 1 minute to score as many as dunks possible. Dunk contest also offers you the chance to obtain bonus points.

These are all the ways to farm XP in NIKELAND and unlock the Nike Basketball Head. If you want more free items in the game, then check out this list of all the working Promo codes.