How To Get Mount Uluru In Monopoly GO

Wondering how to get Mount Uluru in Monopoly GO? Here’s the guide you need.

Of all the rewarding Golden stickers, Mount Uluru in Monopoly GO takes a peak. However, the collectable item is not easy to get which is why players are wondering how to get it. If you are bugged by this doubt as well, our guide will provide you with all you need.

Obtaining the Mount Uluru sticker will complete a card set and that is why players are actively looking for it. While you can trade it, it will be difficult to find someone willing to part ways with the Golden sticker themselves. One thing is certain, this item is quite rewarding and useful so you should try to get it anyhow.

What is Mount Uluru in Monopoly GO?

How to Get Mount Uluru in Monopoly GO
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Mount Uluru is a Golden 4 Star sticker that will be highly rewarding once players manage to obtain it. It’s a rare sticker that once obtained completes the Alinga card set. Since the hype, it has been even more difficult to get this card and trading it is equally difficult. The Alinga set rewards 265M cash and 900 Dices that can be quite useful. As a result, there is this hype around the sticker since the others are comparatively easier to get.

How to Get Mount Uluru in Monopoly GO

Although there are numerous ways through which players can get the Mount Uluru Golden sticker, the best way is to trade it with other players. If you are really lucky, you can collect it via Limited time events that take place almost every month in Monopoly GO. However, that is very far fetched since the game does not really hand them out that easily.

There are numerous trading groups or community on Facebook that will trade the sticker with you for IRL money. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of these groups since there could be scammers there. If you are seriously interested and willing to get the card, be ready to fork out some money and trade the sticker with other players and complete the Alinga card set.

Additionally, players can also try Reddit giveaways to have a chance of getting the Mount Uluru sticker. While it is doubtful that you will win, there is still a chance that it is worth trying out. Since it is a Golden Sticker, it’s safe to assume that players might find it in Gold Boxes. However, the chances of that happening, like most other methods we mentioned, are bleak.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Monopoly GO guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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