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How To Get More Shinies In Pokemon Go

Here's all about how to catch and get more Shinies in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Pokemon were introduced in Pokemon Go back in 2017 and ever since have been the talk of the town. The problem is, they are extremely rare. Let’s take a look at how we can catch more shiny Pokemon throughout your adventures in Pokemon Go.

How to Catch More Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go


how to get more shinies pokemon

Shiny Pokemon can also be found through hatched eggs and in raids, so they are basically available everywhere, and to get yours all you have to do is play the game and hope you get one or ten or even all of them. The color variation can be subtle at times but due to their rarity, they are extremely revered and based on how avid of a Pokemon Go player you are, can be very much worth all your time. In order for you to get one, you simply have to pick every single battle you come across and hope that the next one you encounter will be a shiny one and not a normal one. If you are extremely lucky then you can definitely get one on your first try, but luck like that doesn’t come easy.

Pokemon Go became a sensation when it was first released and fulfilled every Pokemon fan’s desire to become a trainer and fill their Pokedex. This AR game uses the real world as your playground and made you seek Pokemon hiding across your neighborhood so you can go catch them all.


In 2017 they introduced shiny Pokemon which were alternate variations of existing Pokemon with a different color. Shiny Magikarp was the first and it evolved into a shiny red Gyrados. Ever since then more and more shiny Pokemon have been added to the game and people go out hunting for them because of how rare they are.

How do you Spot Shiny Pokemon?

There simply is no way of telling if a Pokemon is shiny or not just by looking at them on the map. The only way you can learn if the Pokemon is shiny is by fighting it and then looking at its color in the pre, post, and standard battle screens. Once you notice that the Pokemon is of a different color then you know it’s your catch.


Each shiny Pokemon comes with its own rarity and yes add onto that, that every single one of them is extremely rare so you can see for yourself how difficult they can be to get.

Pokemon Go is fun and it doesn’t ask you to sit in one place and play but forces you to roam the world outside and fulfill your childhood fantasy of catching and training Pokemon. Make sure to get your Pokemon Go fix on GamerTweak with a lot more articles for Pokemon Go, and as for any future updates, we’ll keep you posted right here.