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How To Get More Clay In ACNH 2.0 And All Clay Recipes

Looking to get some clay to craft items in ACNH. Look no further than this guide as here you will learn how to get it quickly.

Clay is a very vital item thanks to Update 2.0 in ACNH. You can use it to make many items like Ocarina, Hearth, Pot, and many more items. And these all require a lot of clay, which you can’t get if you only farm on your island. So in this guide let us take a look at how to get more clay quickly in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) and all Clay recipes.


How to Get More Clay in ACNH

how to get more clay in acnh
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The easiest way you can get more clay quickly is through the rocks that you can find on Mystery Island Tours. And you will need to use your Nook Miles tickets to reach these islands. All you have to do is carry a shovel or ax with you on these islands and hit rocks. A tip to keep in mind is you should dig holes around the rocks before hitting them. This will ensure that if the drops from the rocks if get blown, then they go in the holes.

Since there are three rocks on Mysterious islands your chances of getting clay increase. Don’t rely solely on Mysterious Islands though, also farm on your islands, the more rocks you hit the more chances of you getting clay increases.

While this may be the best solution, you can also get clay using Balloon presents. Although, the chances of you finding clay through them isn’t as much as from the rocks. Repeat these steps daily and you will stock up on clay in no time.


All Clay Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Now that you got your hands on plenty of clay, time to put them to use through these recipes. These are all the recipes that use Clay in ACNH.

  • Water pump: 2 Iron Nugget and 6 Clay.
  • Wave breaker: 10 Stone and 10 Clay.
  • Shell Table: 7 Sand Dollar and 3 Clay.
  • Silo: 6 Hardwood, 12 Stone, 12 Iron Nugget, and 12 Clay.
  • Plain Sink: 1 Iron Nugget, 6 Wood, and 4 Clay.
  • Brick Oven: 1 Iron Nugget, 6 Wood, and 8 Clay.
  • Hearth: 5 Hardwood, 5 Iron Nugget, 2 Bamboo Piece, and 4 Clay.
  • Classic Pitcher: 4 Clay.
  • Pot: 5 Clay.
  • Tree Bounty Lamp: 6 Acorn and 4 Clay.
  • Pine Bonsai Tree: 8 Pine Cone and 5 Clay.
  • Unglazed Dish Set: 3 Clay.
  • Cherry Lamp: 10 Cherry and 2 Clay.
  • Iron Wall Lamp: 4 Iron Nugget and 2 Clay.
  • Potted Ivy: 5 Clump of Weed and 5 Clay.
  • Jungle Flooring: 10 Clump of Weed and 10 Clay.
  • Rustic Stone Wall: 5 Stone and 1 Clay.
  • Ocarina: 5 Clay.
  • Zen Fence: 1 Stone, 3 Iron Nugget, and 1 Clay.
  • Big Festive Tree: 4 Gold Ornaments, 5 Wood, 6 Blue Ornaments, 6 Red Ornaments, and 5 Clay.
  • Brick Well: 5 Wood, 1 Flimsy Shovel, and 8 Clay.
  • Cherry Blossom Branches: 8 Cherry Blossom Petals, 4 Tree Branches, and 5 Clay.
  • Hearth: 5 Iron Nugget, 2 Bamboo Piece, 5 Hardwood, and 4 Clay.
  • Mush Lamp: 1 Skinny Mushroom, and 5 Clay.
  • Palm Tree Lamp: 1 Wood, 4 Coconut, and 1 Clay.
  • Raccoon Figurine: 6 Clay.
  • Shell Bed: 4 Stone, 5 Giant Clams, and 3 Clay
  • Tree Bounty Big Tree: 4 Maple Leaf, 5 Pine Cone, 6 Acorn, 8 Branches, and 4 Clay.
  • Bamboo Candle Holder: 3 Bamboo Piece, and 2 Clay
  • Bamboo Shoot Lamp: 4 Young Spring Bamboos, 5 Bamboo Shoots, and 4 Clay.
  • Cherry Blossom Bonsai: 3 Clumps of Wood, 6 Cherry Blossom Petals, and 3 Clay.
  • Hyacinth Lamp: 5 Purple Hyacinths and 3 Clay.
  • Modeling Clay: 2 Clay.
  • Pot: 5 Clay.
  • Shell Lamp: 2 Giant Clams and 3 Clay.
  • Table Top Festive Tree: 3 Tree Branches, 5 Gold ornaments, and 2 Clay.
  • Iron Wall Rack: 3 Iron Nugget, and 1 Clay.
  • Jungle Wall: 5 Blue Ornaments, 5 Gold Ornaments, 5 Red Ornaments, and 5 Clay.
  • Brick Fence (10): 6 Clay.

That sums up this guide on how to get more Clay in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) and all Clay Recipes. If you enjoy playing this game then be sure to check out our other guides on how to get the storage shed and how to get the donation box in ACNH.