Monster Hunter World Monster Solidbone Locations

Looking for the Monster Solidbone of Monster Hunter World Iceborne? Here is where you need to hunt.

The expansion pack Iceborne of the Monster Hunter World gives us one of the level 10 rarity materials, Monster Solidbone. It is a Master Rank material needed for the upgrade of various weapons, armor, and even for deliveries. You can sell it for 2600 Zenny, but you cannot purchase it from anywhere. This has made players curious about its location and the creature that we can hunt to get it as a drop.

If you too are looking for it, you have landed at the right place. Here is where to find and how to use Monster Solidbone in MHW. Before we start the journey, make sure you have finished the main story quests of the game and reached HR 16, as these are the basic requirements to access the Iceborne.

Best Ways to Farm Monster Solidbone in MHW Iceborne

How to Get Monster Solidbone in MHW Iceborne
Image Credit: Eleazar A. on YouTube

Monster Solidbone is the Master Rank material, so you can only get it during MR quests as a reward or from the monster drop. Hunt the monsters from this list to get the material:

  • Acidic Glavenus
    • Quest (Location): The Disintegrating Blade (Rotten Vale), This Corroded Blade (Rotten Vale), The Purr-fect Room: Light Iron (Rotten Vale), and Mr Acidic Glavenus (Special Arena).
  • Azure Rathalos
    • Quest (Location): These Azure Eyes See All (Ancient Forest), Blue Rathalos Blues (Elder’s Recess), and Mr Azure Rathalos (Special Arena).
  • Brute Tigrex
    • Quest (Location): MR Brute Tigrex and A Roar that Splinters the Sky (Special Arena).
  • Ebony Odogaron
    • Quest (Location): Bad Friends, Great Enemies (Coral Highlands), Misfortune in the Forest (Ancient Forest), A Shadowy Offender (Coral Highlands), and Mr Ebony Odogaron (Special Arena).
  • Fulgur Anjanath
    • Quest (Location): The Thunderous Troublemaker (Hoarfrost Reach), Tundra Troublemaker (Hoarfrost Reach), Trap the Thunder Jaw (Elder’s Recess), and Mr Fulgur Anjanath (Special Arena).
  • Gold Rathian
    • Quest (Location): Hymn of Moon and Sun (Elder’s Recess) and MR Gold Rathian (Special Arena).
  • Silver Rathalos
    • Quest (Location): MR Silver Rathalos (Special Arena).
  • Shrieking Legiana
    • Quest (Location): When the Mist Taketh You (Hoarfrost Reach), and Noblefrost Hunter (Hoarfrost Reach).
  • Yian Garuga
    • Quest (Location): MR Yian Garuga (Special Arena).
  • Zinogre
    • Quest (Location): MR Zinogre (Special Arena).

List of Weapons to Upgrade With Monster Solidbone

  • Aerial Magnus II
  • Aerial Magnus III
  • Aqua Flora+
  • Axe of Hades
  • Baan Gavel II
  • Breakshot II
  • Breakshot III
  • Cartilage Blaster II
  • Cartilage Blaster III
  • Donnerzahn
  • Dear Rosetta
  • Dragonseal Aldsword I
  • Deep Lagoon II
  • Dragonseal Sword I
  • Dragonseal Sword II
  • Donnersieger
  • Enduring Sacrifice
  • Earth Ender II
  • Earth Ender III
  • Enduring Surrender
  • Fulguring Tornado I
  • Fireshatter II
  • Grand Khopesh I
  • Grand Khopesh II
  • Grand Khopesh III
  • Grand Halberd II
  • Grand Halberd III
  • Hulking Choppers II
  • Hulking Choppers III
  • Highness’ Fury
  • Hunter’s Bravebow II
  • Hunter’s Bravebow III
  • Laguna Blossom II
  • Laguna Pike II
  • Laguna Shot II
  • Laguna Golem II
  • Mammoth Direbones II
  • Mammoth Longblade II
  • Mammoth Greataxe II
  • Mammoth Greatbow II
  • Ogre’s Jaw II
  • Ogre’s Jaw III
  • Queen’s Flute II
  • Pyre Cleaver II
  • Radobaan Grindblade II
  • Radobaan Os II
  • Radobaan Os III
  • Rose Highness
  • Shattering Flames II
  • Thanatos Force
  • Thanatos Mauls
  • Wyvern Blade “Blossom”+
  • Xiphias Gladius

That’s all about the MHW Monster Solidbone farming guide. If this was helpful to you, do check out our Monster Hunter World section and collect rare materials.