How To Get Money Fast In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

Looking for ways to make some quick Peli? Here is our guide on how you can get Money Fast in Grand Piece Online (GPO).

In GPO, players can set sail on a seafaring adventure and explore different islands, weapons, abilities, and enemies in the game. Alongside their adventure, players should also make sure to have Money or Peli at their disposal going forward. With it, you will be able to purchase various weapons and learn a variety of abilities to aid you on your quest. So if you are wondering how you can get money fast in Grand Piece Online without any hassle, check this guide to find out more.

How to Get Money Fast in Grand Piece Online

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Here is a list of all the methods through which you can get money fast in Grand Piece Online.

Completing Quests

There are several quests in Grand Piece Online that players can complete to get money. These quests can help you level up in the game as well as reward you with Peli. You will come across various quests while exploring different islands in the game. And depending on the quest you will be able to obtain some money in the process. Some of these are easy ones in which you would have to defeat some bandits on an island or deliver some goods from one NPC to another. Later in the game as you grind your way to higher levels, you will encounter many quests with tons of Peli as a reward. Some quests like Fishman Island’s first quest lets you have 4750 Peli for killing 5 Fishman Karate Users.

Looting Chests

Chests are scattered on every island you come across. You can search for these chests to loot up the treasure inside. Inside them, you can get yourselves some money and other rewards. These chests spawn quickly and are very easy to spot on an island.

Defeating Bosses

Grand Piece Online consists of various bosses across the maps. Many of them are directly inspired by the anime series One Piece. And if you are a fan, defeating them in the game can turn out to be fun. After defeating these bosses players can get their hands on drops including Peli. With it, you also have some rare weapon drops.

You can have a max Peli count of about 350k in the game. There are other ways where you can sell items for a higher value after buying them. These include buying barrels from Buyer Seller at Shell’s town for 500 Peli and selling them for 550 to Barrel Buyer on the Island of Zou.

That’s everything covered on how you can get money fast in Grand Piece Online. If you are wondering about the list of all the swords and how to get them we recommend you check out our guides on them, right here on Gamer Tweak.