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How To Get Mission XP In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Check out all the ways to get & increase your Mission XP in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm easily.

If you’re a Naruto fan then Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm can be the ideal game for you. This fighting game is a part of an Ultimate Ninja Storm series and is also known as Naruto Narutimate Storm in japan. In this game, you’ll play the role of Naruto and will surely face various difficulties every now and then. Players will come across several combat missions and story missions, which they can play to progress in the game. However, as we all are familiar with the game mechanics, where the player can’t just complete all the missions. That’s because before initiating it they’ll need to unlock it by fulfilling the XP requirement. If you’re also struggling to get Mission XP points in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, then we’ll help you farm it.


How to Increase Mission XP in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

How To Get Mission Xp Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
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Here’s how you can get & increase Mission XP in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

  • Complete Free Mission
  • Interact With NPC
  • Break Objects
  • Run & Explore

These are the ways that you can use to Farm Mission XP points in the game. For a better understanding let’s take a look into all the methods in detail.


Complete Free Mission

In order to get mission XP points in the game you’ll need to complete the free missions. Simply complete the free A, B, C, or D rank missions and you’ll be good to go. Doing so will help the player farm enough Mission XP to unlock a new mission. To get this mission look for a Scroll with a question mark icon on the map. And once you spot one head there and interact with the NPC. Or you can always go to your Mission tab via the Start Menu and start completing all the free missions with an exclamation mark.

Interact With NPC

One of the easy methods to farm & get mission XP In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is by interacting with the NPCs. In this game, you can have a chat with almost all the NPCs out there on the streets. However, players suggest heading to the Ichiraku Ramen Shop for a better number of XP points.


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Break Objects in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

If you like breaking things, then this method is for you. Players in the game will find several things around the map that they can break and get XP from. The number of points will not be that high but can surely give you a hand in your grind.


Run & Explore to Get Mission XP Points

Another farming method to get & increase your Mission XP in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is by running & exploring the map. For those who are unaware, the game rewards the players with some XP just for running around. However, make sure you don’t make a jump that’s because you won’t get the points for doing that.

That sums up everything about how you can farm Mission XP in the game. If you play such games pretty often then check out other Video game guides for more tips & tricks.