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How To Get Mink Race In Blox Fruits

Here's how you can get Mink Race in Blox Fruits.

Races are the Blox Fruit game mechanic by which every player slightly differs in ability or Buffs. There are six different races in the game out of which only four are assigned to newly joined players. Mink is amongst the four races that players generally love to have due to its increased speed Buffs. If you want to know how to get Mink race in Blox Fruits, then read this guide till the end.


How to get Mink Race in Blox Fruits?

Get Mink Race in Roblox Blox Fruits

  • Mink race has about a 12% chance to be obtained in the game while joining new.
  • If you are unlucky to get Mink when joining as a new player, then you still have a 25% chance of obtaining Mink by changing your race.
  • To Change your Race, you will have to buy Race Reroll.
  • Race Reroll can be purchased from an NPC called Tort for 3000 fragments. She is found either in the Café or in the Mansion. You can even buy it from some event NPCs such as Party Shop.
  • Also, if you don’t have enough fragments you can purchase Race Reroll in exchange for 30 Robux in the shop.

How to Awaken Mink Race?

Mink Race is awakened in 4 versions.

  • V1 increases the speed of the player by 1.5x times.
  • V2 decreases dash energy cost to 15. Also, it increases the speed of the player by 2x times. V2 is awakened by completing the Alchemist quest.
  • V3 unlocks an ability called Agility, which increases the player’s speed by 4x and also increases the Dash Length. V3 is unlocked by completing Arowe’s quest, which is different for different races. If you are from the Mink race, your quest will be to collect 30 chests.
  • V4 is the final version of the Mink race. It is unlocked by completing the Race Awakening Puzzle. Since it’s the most confusing puzzle in the game and nobody has completed the puzzle yet. Hence, nobody knows what abilities V4 awakened Mink race possesses.

That’s all you need to know about How to get Mink Race. Also, check out our Roblox guides to know more about Roblox games.