How To Get And Evolve Megomu In Anime Adventures

Strengthen your team by unlocking and evolving Megomu. So, here's how to get and upgrade him.

Megomu is a Mythical Unit that can easily take down enemies in Anime Adventures. With its insane damage of 170 at level 1 and 18,408 and level 100, he can be your go-to character from start to end. Megomu’s Magic and Dark damage types powers can be increased by simply evolving it into its Chimera Shadow form. In case you don’t have Megomu, here’s how you can Get and Evolve it. Take a look below to get started.

How to Find Megomu in Anime Adventures

Megomu In Anime Adventures

You can get Megomu in the Summons in Anime Adventures. Scroll down to know how:

  1. Find Summon in the lobby.
  2. Enter the blue semi-circle inside it.
  3. You will get a pop-up to select Special or Standard Banner.
  4. Choose Special Banner and buy it for 50 Gems.
  5. You will have a chance to get Megomu in these Banners.
  6. Purchase Super Luck for R$99 or Ultra Luck for R$149 to increase your chances.

Now that you know how to get Megomu, let us check out how to evolve him.

How to Upgrade Megomu in Anime Adventures

You will need x2 Wolf Shadow and x40 Curse Talisman to evolve Megomu. So, here’s how to find these items and evolve him:

Wolf Shadow

Wolf Shadow is an evolution item that can be purchased from the Travelling Merchant’s shop for 3500 Gems. Besides this, it is also possible to craft a Wolf Shadow by using the following items:

  • x3450 Gold
  • x2 Star Fruit (Rainbow)
  • x6 Star Fruit (Green)
  • x5 Star Fruit (Pink)
  • x6 Star Fruit (Blue)
  • x6 Star Fruit (Yellow)

Once you have obtained the above ingredients, you can craft a Wolf Shadow by talking to Beeruh in the Evolve room.

Curse Talisman

Curse Talisman is an XP item that you can buy for 253 Gold in the Gold shop. You can also complete Cursed Academy and clear huge waves in Infinite Mode to get it.

After you have the required items, head to the Evolve Room and press E and select Megomu. Use the materials to evolve from Megomu to Megomu (Chimera Shadow).

That’s all on how to get and evolve Megomu in Anime Adventures. If you enjoyed reading this article, check out how to get and evolve Guts and Togu on Gamer Tweak.