Anime Adventures Guts: How To Get & Evolve

Check out this guide to know how you can get the mythical Guts and evolve him in Anime Adventure Roblox.

Fans of the dark fantasy manga series Berserk are delighted with the new Anniversary update in Anime Adventures, as it brings in one of the fan-favorite characters and mercenary Guts in the game. The character has joined the extensive list of anime and manga characters that players will be able to obtain on their quest to save worlds. Given that Guts is regarded as a mythical unit, it’s no surprise that players will have to work extra hard to even get their hands on him. Not to mention, players can further evolve Guts into Guts(Berserk) inspired directly by the manga in Anime Adventures. So if you are wondering how exactly can you acquire him, then check out this guide further to know more.

How to Get Guts in Anime Adventures Roblox

unlock guts in anime adventures

Players can obtain Guts by summoning him in the Summon area in Anime Adventures. It is the only way through which players can get their hands on the Black Swordsman in the Roblox experience. As Guts is one of the mythical units players will come across, getting him can be quite tricky and it may take some time. The area is located on the left of the leaderboard in the game and each summons costs around 50 Gems or a Summon Ticket. We recommend you check out our updated list of Anime Adventures Codes to help you redeem tons of gems so you can try out your luck. You will gather Pity for every summon which will increase your chances of getting a Mythic.

Although the summon chance for Guts is around 0.25% players can double this by purchasing Special Banners in Anime Adventures. Every banner will feature a special mythic, so look out for Guts on one of them and grab the opportunity when you can while they refresh every hour. It is worth mentioning that the chance to get a Shiny Guts is around 0.0025% which makes these types of mythic super rare in the game.

How to Evolve Guts in Anime Adventures evolve guts in anime adventures

Once you get your hands on Guts, you can further evolve him into fierce Guts(Berserk). To do so players will have to obtain and use specific items in Anime Adventures. It is also necessary for the unit to have around 7500 Takedowns, before using all the materials to evolve him. Here is the list of all the items you will have to gather:

  • Star Fruit – x12
  • Star Fruit (Blue) – x3
  • Star Fruit (Red) – x5
  • Star Fruit (Pink) – x4
  • Star Fruit (Green) – x4
  • Star Fruit (Rainbow) – x1

Once you have met the requirement and have all the necessary items you can then head towards the collection section and select Gut to evolve in Anime Adventures.

That’s everything covered on how to get & evolve Guts in Anime Adventures Roblox. If you are a Black Clover fan check our dedicated guide on how to get & evolve Noel in Anime Adventures, right here on Gamer Tweak.