Where To Find Marine Hat In Pixel Piece (Item Guide)

Check out this item guide to learn where Marine Hat is and how to get it in Pixel Piece.

Many Pixel Piece players are looking for Marine Hat to increase their Stamina and Stamina Regen, but are finding it hard to track its location. This hat is an uncommon accessory that requires some grinding, slashing, and chopping on a particular region’s enemy. Buff accessories of this game are divided into five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Mythical. Most items of these rarities are obtained as drops from beasts, bosses, and regular enemies. So obtaining Marine Hat in the earlier stage of the game will help you defeat and get drops from formidable foes.

How to Obtain Pixel Piece Marine Hat

Where To Find Marine Hat In Pixel Piece

The Marine Hat is dropped by the Swordsman Sailer Guard of Shells Island, previously called Shell Town. The drop chance of this accessory is just 10 percent, so you’ll have to invest a good amount of time in slaying. The island is situated in the northeast of the Pixel Piece and has Marine enemies. You must be above level 25 to even handle the weakest enemy of Shell Island. As for Swordsman Sailer Guard, you should be around level 30 to defeat and get Pixel Piece Marine Hat. Leveling up in Pixel Piece Island after 25 can be very time-consuming. So once you reach level 25, go to Shell Island and take quests for the weakest enemy of that location.

Avoiding Swordsman Sailer and other enemy NPCs is difficult in Shell Island, as they will start following and attacking you. So do not enter the island before level 25, if you don’t want to waste your time. And to make leveling faster, you should purchase a sword from the store. The cheapest sword costs 50 coins, which you can quickly gather by taking the Pixel Piece quests.

That’s all you need to do to get a Marine Hat in Pixel Piece. If you are interested in similar Pixel Piece guides, then you should check out its working codes and learn how to get Haki in it.