Where To Find The Manastone Ring In Lords of the Fallen?

The Manastone Ring is an essential accessory for spellcasters in Lords of the Fallen, so how do you get it?

Magic users in Lords of the Fallen rely heavily on their mana to cast powerful spells. However, mana does not regenerate quickly in combat, making it difficult to chain spells together against tough enemies. This is where the elusive Manastone Ring shines. However, tracking down the Manastone Ring can be challenging. We’ll cover how to find the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Get Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen (Mana Regen Ring Location)

kill Spurned Progeny to get Mana Regen Ring in Lords of the Fallen

The Manastone Ring is a useful Lords of the Fallen accessory that players will want to obtain early. This ring regenerates passive mana, helping spellcasters cast abilities more frequently in combat.

To get the Manastone Ring, first, you need to go through Calrath Slums and defeat the boss there called the Spurned Progeny. This large mutant enemy is the 9th boss battle in the area. Once defeated, it will drop an item called the Giant Eyeball.

Make your way back through Skyrest Bridge until you reach the area where you first fought Pieta, the introductory boss. Here, you should find the Tortured Prisoner locked in a cage. She functions as an Inferno vendor once freed. Give her the Giant Eyeball you obtained.

After resting at a Vestige checkpoint, return to where you defeated the Spurned Progeny. The Tortured Prisoner will now be located there. However, she still needs to get the Manastone Ring in her inventory. Keep exploring the Upper Calrath B area until you discover the Noblewoman’s Set equipment pieces.

Once the full Noblewoman’s Set is acquired, equip it and go back to speak to the Tortured Prisoner again. She will now have the Manastone Ring available for purchase for some Vigors.

Its continual mana regeneration will prove very helpful for casters, and spellblade builds in the challenging boss fights and areas ahead.

That’s all on how you can get the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen. Since you are looking to get to different locations also check out how to get to the Tower of Penance. As for more help on other topics of this game be sure to check out our Lords of the Fallen section.