Shindo Life: How To Get Magma Element

Here is how you can get Magma Element in Shindo Life.

Magma is a new element that you can get in Shindo Life. This elemental bloodline has 3 powerful moves. But the problem is it is a limited-time only element. And many players are wondering how they can unlock it. So in this guide let us check how to get the Magma elemental bloodline in Shindo Life and learn about its moves.

How to Get Magma Element in Shindo Life

how to get magma element in shindo life

You can get the Magma Elemental Bloodline by beating Happy Spirit Boss. This is the free way to get this element. If you have the Bloodline Bag game pass you can also buy it for 899 Robux.

You have a 1 in 35 chance to get the Magma element after you beat the Happy Spirit Boss. Happy Spirit is a Gen 3 spirit and, as mentioned before, this bloodline is a limited-time only blood line so you have to ensure you get it quickly.

Where to Find Gen 3 Happy Spirit

where to find happy spirit in shindo life and get magma element

  1. Go to the Blaze map.
  2. Next, go outside the village and run straight.
  3. Climb up the elevated land with the tree and keep going straight near the pool.
  4. You should see an Event scroll that says Event [Happy Gen 3].
  5. Wait for the boss to spawn inside the pool if it isn’t already there.
  6. Once it spawns you can fight it to try and get the Elemental Bloodline.

Checked the marked area on the above image.

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Magma Element Moves in Shindo Life

Magma Style has 3 moves

  • Flow: The player blows a column of magma in front of them. This flow of magma slows down the enemy and also leaves a burn for a few seconds. Flow has a cooldown of 22 seconds.
  • Buckshot: Player spews several magma balls in the direction of the cursor towards the target. These magma balls collect and become large spheres as they hit the enemy while leaving a burn on them. Buckshot has a cooldown of 25 seconds.
  • Eruption: This move attacks the enemy by magma eruptions. The player starts by punching the ground with their right fist. It causes magma to erupt around any enemies nearby. Magma Eruption also stuns the enemy in the air while burning them. Eruption has a cooldown of 22 seconds.

That covers this guide on how to get the Magma Element in Shindo Life and all moves in the elemental bloodline. Since you are playing this game don’t miss out on our guides on Ember private server codes, Mount Maki private server codes, and how to get Rell coins fast.