How To Get Lucky Egg In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Farm XP)

Looking for an XP boost? Check out our guide on how to get Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features a plethora of unique and recurring gameplay mechanics from the franchise. One of these includes the Lucky eggs which has been part of the main series since its introduction in Generation II. As you use these items, you get bonus EXP during Battles. Having said that, you receive bonus EXP even though you lose in the Battle. So, pretty win-win if you are looking to level up in PSV. But several players are unable to find their first Egg. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.

How to Get Lucky Egg in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

As you progress, you can get your first Lucky egg by defeating five Gym leaders in a battle. When you take on the sixth Gym battle, interact with Professor to get the Lucky Egg. You will find him at the entrance of that Gym. Regardless of the Gym or leaders, you can complete the Gym battles in any sequence. And you will meet Professor Jaq at the entrance of all the Gyms. You can find the Lucky Egg in the “Other Items” from your Bag.

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How to Use a Lucky Egg in Pokemon SV

  • Being a handheld item, you simply have to give it to the Pokemon to hold.
  • As you use this item, the Pokemon holding the egg receives 50% more EXP during the battles.
  • You simply need the Pokemon holding the Lucky egg in your party to receive extra EXP. So, make sure to keep them safe.
  • This would also help you level up the Pokemon faster.
  • But note, that you won’t receive an EXP boost while sending your Pokemon with the Let’s Go feature.
  • So, we suggest switching to the traditional way rather than Auto-battles if you plan to use a Lucky Egg.

Can you get Multiple Lucky Eggs?

The answer to that question is uncertain as of now. Currently, the only way to acquire the Lucky Egg is by defeating the five Gym Leaders. But we will make sure to update this guide as soon as we get a word or more information is revealed.

In addition to using Lucky Eggs, there are several other ways you can level up faster in Pokemon Scarlet Violet. You can check out our farming guide on how to level up to 100 for more insight.

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