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Ability Wars: How To Get Lemon Mastery

Here is all you need to do to get Lemon Ability and its Mastery in Ability Wars.

The Ability Wars has many abilities you can master but Lemon Mastery is still one of the top. This ability comes with passive skill, healing, and invisibility. It even has a move that will hinder the sight of your opponent. Making it a lot easier to deal with them. You can use its power in Arena, Duels, and Team Battles. And you can also use them to get other abilities. So read along and learn how to get and master this ability.

How to Unlock Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars

How to Unlock Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars

There are two conditions you need to fulfill for getting the Lemon ability. First, collect 2500 Punches, and second get the Backroom Badge. You get Punches by hitting other players, killing them, winning the tournament, completing the quest, and defeating bosses. Once you have collected the required amount, enter the Arena from the main lobby.

  • Now look for this cave entrance.
  • You will see stairs when you enter it. Take the stairs and go down.
  • Now go to the right corner of the room and try to enter the wall.

Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars

  • This will take you to the Backroom. And you will earn the Badge.

Lemon Ability

  • Then come back to the main lobby and collect the Lemon ability.
  • Now, once again go to the room that led you to the Backroom.
  • Equip the ability and try to enter from the wall that took you to the Backroom. This time it will take you to a maze.
  • This maze is complicated, dark, and has a monster. Recognizing the monster is not difficult though. It is yellow and can easily be seen even in the dark. But players spawn at a random location in the maze, so it is difficult to conquer.

Lemon Mastery Door

  • Your mission is to look for this wooden door. By entering the door you will unlock the Lemon Mastery of Ability Wars.
  • It would be best to increase your screen brightness to the highest, as this maze is very dark.

That’s all on how to find and get Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars. If you found this guide interesting and are looking for more such topics, check out how to get Portal Mastery. And after that check our other Roblox guides.