How To Unlock Legendary Weapons In COD Mobile

Wondering how you can get Legendary Weapons in COD Mobile? Here is everything you need to know to unlock these rare weapons.

Legendary Weapons are considered to be one of the top-tier weapons in COD Mobile. They are also quite rare as they provide a blueprint that will not only have a different look but will also come with unique attachments. In simple words, your regular weapon can be transformed into something more powerful once you have these Legendary blueprints. In order to learn more about these guns and how you can get them, follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

How to Get Legendary Guns in COD Mobile

How To Unlock Legendary Weapons In COD Mobile
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Unlike other in-game items like Diamond Camo, grinding will simply not help you get these weapons. Unlocking this item by leveling up or completing certain missions won’t get you the blueprint, either. Instead, to get these weapons, you will have to make an in-game purchase or reach certain Battle Pass tiers, for which you will have to pay as well.

However, If you want to take advantage of these reconstructed guns, there is another way to unlock them. You can do this through the game’s ‘Lucky Draw’ feature. Although this seems like a better option than spending money, chances of getting any of the Legendary guns are very rare.

Is There a Free Legendary Weapon in COD Mobile?

If you do not feel like spending any of your money on the other paid guns, Call of Duty Mobile has newly introduced a free Legendary weapon, you can use. To unlock this gun, you will have to collect two items – Legendary Medals and Confidential Tokens.

Once you start grinding and have got your hands on 6 Medals and 4 Tokens, you will be able to get the Kurohana Weapon Crate. Once this Crate drops, you will be able to use the first free Legendary weapon.

This is everything you need to know about unlocking Legendary Weapons in COD Mobile. Don’t forget to read about how you can get Mythic Weapons and how you can Get & Use Etched Stones, all available here on Gamer Tweak.