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Elden Ring – Where To Get Lantern In The Game?

Learn where you can get the Lantern in Elden Ring from this guide.

 Elden Ring is a gorgeous game with amazing looks & dark atmospheres. Speaking of Dark, there are many sections of the game where it is too Dark to see like in Caves, Catacombs, & many sections of a Castle. As such, we will need some type of Light source that we can carry along. Torches are a good option but they take up space in one of the player’s hands which could have been holding a Weapon. This is where the Lantern comes in. They are a neat way of lighting up the area without being held by the player. In this guide, I will show you Where you can get a Lantern in Elden Ring.

Where to Get the Lantern in Elden Ring?


lantern in elden ring

A Lantern in Elden Ring is a tool that can be attached to the waist of the player to illuminate their surroundings. Since it’s a Tool and not a Weapon, Seal, Staff, or Shield, the player’s hands will be free to use whatever they want. There are two different locations where you can get the Lantern in Elden Ring. Those ways are:

  • Purchasable from the Isolated Merchant in the Southwest of the Weeping Peninsula. Near the Isolated Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace for 1800 Runes.
  • Purchasable from the Nomadic Merchant in South Liurnia of the Lakes. Near the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace for 1800 Runes.


That’s how you can get the Lantern in Elden Ring. It’s a nifty little tool. Although it is not as bright as a Torch, it does free up the Player’s hands. You can put it in your Items List or your Quick Access Slots. If you put in your Items list then select it by using the Down button on the D-Pad or the Down Arrow Key and then using the Lantern. If you put it on Quick Access then press the allotted Button and it will equip the Lantern.

This was all about getting the Lantern in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Best Fists Weapons Ranked & Tier List in Elden Ring.