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Lost Ark: How To Get The Lagoon Island Token

`Learn how to get the Lagoon Island Token in Lost Ark from this guide.

Lost Ark has a wide array of Islands. Most of which are your standard areas while some are event-based and only appear after certain Time intervals. When these event-based Islands spawn, players must rush to them immediately to get the resources from that Island. One of the Adventure Islands in the game is Lagoon Island. Upon completing the Quests here, you will receive rewards like the Island Token & even the Mokoko Seeds. In this guide, I will show you how to get the Lagoon Island Token in Lost Ark.

How to Get the Lagoon Island Token in Lost Ark


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As I have mentioned above, Lagoon Island is an Adventure Isle but you will find it in the same location every time. The Island Token for Lagoon Isle is obtainable through the Co-operative Quest. The Island is located Southwest of Rohendel, West Vern. Lagoon Island will appear once every day so make sure that your trip is not in vain. Once the Island has spawned, the Co-operative Quest will begin in 3 minutes. The Co-operative Quest is to beat the Iar Kaya Boss. Once you beat it, it will drop the Island Token of Lagoon Isle.

You may have to kill Iar Kaya a few times as the Island Token is a chance drop. Since it’s not a guaranteed drop, you will have to make multiple visits. Until you can get the Island Token, you can do the other POIs of the Isle. Like completing the Yellow Quest, getting the Mokoko Seeds, etc. The Mokoko Seeds is located on the Northeast side of the Isle inside of a Cave. Iar Kaya will drop epic loot so you will be benefitted one way or another.


This was all about getting the Lagoon Island Token in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on Lost Ark Opportunity Isle Guide.