Grand Piece Online: How To Get Katana

Looking for a beginner melee weapon in the game? Here is our guide on how to get Katana in Grand Piece Online.

For players who are just starting out in Grand Piece Online the basic combat style can be difficult to overcome enemies and other players. You will need the right combat weapon at your disposal to give you the start in your campaign. And there is no need to look further than the Katana. It is a common rarity sword that players can use to grind out and level up early in the game. So if you are looking for a weapon that will help you at the beginning of your adventure, then here is our guide on how you can get the Katana in Grand Piece Online.

How to Get Katana in Grand Piece Online

katana in grand piece online
Image source Phyinite on YouTube

Players can get the Katana on Roca Island in Grand Piece Online. Here you will have to buy the sword from an NPC named Billy. You can come across the island in the first sea itself directly east of Shells Town. Players will be able to find Billy atop a cliff in one of the houses near another NPC named Jaggy. The Katana costs around 999 Peli, so we recommend you first explore islands for chests, complete questlines or defeat enemies to have enough money at your disposal.

As it is one of the common swords around, it has no dedicated skillset and has a base damage of 5 in the game. Although having said that, players can use the sword to learn the One Sword Style. The style consists of some powerful combos that can help you grind your way in the game more easily. To learn it you will have to find Jaggy on Roca island itself. He is right beside Billy which makes it convenient for players. After interacting with him, you can learn the One sword style for 10000 Peli. You can reach certain Mastery Points to learn other moves for the fighting style. You can do so by buying them from Jaggy for Peli.

That’s everything covered on how to get Katana in Grand Piece Online. If you are not more of a sword user and prefer unique abilities, check out our guide on how to get Devil Fruits in the game. And for more guides like these look out for our dedicated Grand Piece Online section, right here on Gamer Tweak.