How To Unlock & Get Ivaldi’s Anvil In GoW Ragnarok

Take a look at how you can find & get Ivaldi's Anvil in GoW Ragnarok easily.

God of War franchise is not only popular for its storyline but also for the weapons Kratos carry. Every weapon has a story behind it and holds immense power. Apart from the weapon upgrades player can even equip several Runic Attacks to it. Doing so helps you wield more new powerful attacks. For those who are unaware, there are 2 types of Runic attacks category in the game, Light & Heavy. And today we’ll discuss one of the heavy ones, i.e. Ivaldi’s Anvil. However many players are struggling to unlock it but not anymore. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process to find & unlock the Ivaldi’s Anvil in God of War (GoW) Ragnarok.

Where to Find Ivaldi’s Anvil in God of War Ragnarok?

How To Get & Unlock Ivaldi's Anvil In God Of War Ragnarok

Players can find Ivaldi’s Anvil Runic Attack in God of War Ragnarok inside a Legendary Chest, placed in a Derelict Outpost. This area is situated in Midgard and can be accessed after doing certain required tasks and favors. However, if you have already unlocked the area but are unable to cross the puzzle then we’re here to help. Go through the summarized walkthrough mentioned below and you’ll be good to go.

  • As soon as you reach the Mystic Gate of The Derelict Outpost, head back and you’ll see a chain to climb onto.
  • After climbing, move further you’ll find your old friend, Sindri there. And beside Sindri’s workshop, there’ll be a narrow cave to head into, simply grapple your way in.
  • And then you’ll come across a crane that you have to position right with your Leviathan Axe to grapple ahead.
  • And after heading out of the cave take a sharp left and again position a crane by using your Leviathan Axe.
  • As you move ahead look for a chain to bring up a hidden crane. Once you spot it interact with it and grapple forward.
  • Once done, make a jump on your left and climb ahead. And there you might come across enemies to fight.
  • After defeating them, move ahead and head down a small Cliffside. There you’ll find a chain to interact with.
  • Doing so will help you position the stuck crane that’s required to move forward.
  • In order to position it, first pull the crane down, then position it by using your Leviathan Axe. And after doing that simply pull the crane back up again.
  • Once done, climb up from the Cliffside, and then simply grapple your way ahead.
  • There you’ll find the Legendary Chest and inside it the Ivaldi’s Anvil.

Now you can easily equip this Runic Attack to damage and stun the enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade this Runic Attack for better performance during battles. That sums up everything about how you can find Ivaldi’s Anvil in God of War (GoW) Ragnarok easily. While you are here take a look at the list of all Light & Heavy Runic Attacks locations in the game.