Iron Valiant Location In Pokemon Scarlet Violet (SV)

Here is how you can get an Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Iron Valiant is a Paradox Pokemon that you can catch exclusively in Pokemon Violet and this guide will show you its location.

Since these games always come in pairs, there are always some Pokemon that are only available to their specific version. But you can still get them in both games if you know the methods. So in this guide check out how to Get Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV), also learn the location where you can catch it.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Iron Valiant Location

how to get iron valiant using trade in pokemon scarlet violet
Image Credit: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank) on YouTube

You can find an Iron Valiant in the Research Station 3 of the Great Crater in Pokemon Violet. As for Scarlet players, they can only get this Pokemon via trading with some Violet players.

Where to Catch Iron Valiant in Pokemon Violet?

As mentioned previously, you can find it in the research Station 3 of the Great Crater. Without getting too much into the spoilers, to gain access to this area you first need to beat all 3 main paths of the game. You should also finish the Mission you get in the Great Crater.

  1. Fast Travel to the Zero Gate.
  2. Next, go inside and use the Teleporter.
  3. It will ask you “Where would you like to go?”
  4. Here, choose Research Station No. 3.
  5. After you spawn there, ride Miraidon and go left straight towards the tree you can see on the far end.
  6. Once you reach there turn left and go inside the cave, you can get there from the path between the rocks.
  7. As you get inside the cave you will see several Pokemon, one of these Pokemon that spawn here will be Iron Valiant.

In case it doesn’t spawn you can simply roam around in circles or defeat random Pokemon using the Let’s GO feature to make other Pokemon spawn. Alternatively, you can also try resetting the area to make an Iron Valiant spawn.

How to Get Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet

You can get Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet by trading it with someone else. The most common trade for an Iron Valiant is giving away a Roaring Moon. So if you are a Scarlet Player willing to give your Roaring Moon for its exchange, you should use the trade code03970398“. This code is based on their Pokedex entries. Alternatively, you can also use other Pokemon or codes for trading by discussing your trade on Reddit or other similar places.

That covers this guide on how to get Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. For more help on other topics of this game check out our Pokemon SV guides.