How To Unlock & Get Into Kor Valar Ramparts In Diablo 4

Many players are eager to unlock & get into the gates of the Kor Valar Ramparts dungeon in Diablo 4. Especially the Rouge class players, as after completion of this dungeon they’ll receive a new Blast Trapper’s Aspect. But let us tell you accessing this dungeon is not going to be that easy. Moreover, earning the Renown in this region is also much of a grind. However, if you’re ready to do what it takes to enter the Kor Valar Ramparts in D4, then we’ll guide you through it.

How to Unlock Kor Valar Ramparts Dungeon in Diablo 4

How To Unlock & Get Into Kor Valar Ramparts In Diablo 4
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In Diablo 4, to unlock and enter the Kor Valar Ramparts Dungeon you’ll have to complete the entire main story (campaign). Yes, you heard it right, completing all the 6 Acts, will only get you access to this hidden dungeon. However, the dungeon appears on the map during the Kor Valar main quest. You obtain this quest after asking about Reverend Mother Prava’s whereabouts to Iosef in Light’s Guidance main quest.

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In Kor Valar main quest all you have to do is visit Kor Valar Ramparts dungeon located on the northeast side of the map. And then speak with Reverend Mother Prava. As soon as you do that the following dungeon will get unlocked allowing you to visit any time you want. The quest completion will get you 9,792 XP and 1,300 Gold. And as mentioned earlier, the Rouge class players will additionally earn the Blast Trapper’s Aspect, after they complete this dungeon.

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That is all you need to know about how you can unlock & enter the Kor Valar Ramparts dungeon in Diablo 4. If you are looking for some sacred items, then check out how to get Ancestral Gears in the game. Also, take a look at the list of Unique items you can get in D4.