Baldur’s Gate 3 Icy Helve: How To Get Mourning Frost

Want to craft yourself the Mourning Frost in BG3? You should get Icy Helve along with other items in-game.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can get Icy Helve, Icy Crystal, and Icy Metal to craft Mourning Frost. This is a two-handed weapon which you can use for melee attacks. But its true power lies when dealing cold damage. With it, you get the Heart of Ice passive, which allows you to deal 1 additional cold damage when using spells like Ray of Frost. Luckily you can get it quite easily, just that it will require a bit of exploration. So here are the locations of all three items and how you can get Mourning Frost in BG3.

How to Get Icy Helve, Crystal & Metal in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Get Icy Helve Crystal and Metal in BG3
Image Credit: Wizard Worm on YouTube

You can find all three of these items in Underdark.

  • Icy Helve: Selunite Outpost (Western region)
  • Icy Crystal: Sussur Tree (Eastern region)
  • Icy Metal: Myconid Colony (Northern region)

Icy Helve – BG3 Location

  1. Fast Travel to the Underdark Selunite Outpost waypoint.
  2. Head west from the travel waypoint and exit the window.
  3. Get down and defeat the Eye of the Beholder Boss.
  4. Talk to Dhourn and kill him.
  5. From his body, you can loot Icy Helve.

Icy Crystal

  1. Climb the Sussur Tree and reach the following coordinates X:40 Y:171.
  2. Loot the body of Filgro the Forgotten.
  3. From him, you will get the Icy Crystal.

Icy Metal

  1. To get the final item you have to complete the quest “Defeat the Duergar Intruders”.
  2. Go to the northern part of the Underdark at the Myconid Colony.
  3. Talk to Sovereign and he will open the way to a secret cave for you.
  4. Its rough coordinates are X: 49 and Y: 77.
  5. Go there and loot the Pale corpse.
  6. Here you get Icy Metal.

How to Make Mourning Frost in BG3

How to Get Mourning Frost in Baldurs Gate 3
Image Credit: Wizard Worm on YouTube

After collecting all of the above items, you can combine them from your inventory.

  1. Open your inventory and choose any of the above items.
  2. Click on it and choose Combine.
  3. Next, drop the other two items.
  4. So if you selected Icy Helve, drop the Icy Crystal and Icy Metal in the other slots.
  5. Once all three are set, the Combine button becomes highlighted.
  6. Click on it and you will craft the Mourning Frost staff.

That covers this guide on the locations where you can find Icy Helve, Crystal, and Metal items in BG3 and how to make Mourning Frost staff. If you are interested in other topics for this game then don’t forget to check out more of our BG3 guides.