How To Get Ice Onion In Pikmin 4 (Location)

Ice Pikmin can freeze the water and allow you to walk over it, so check out the locations to find this creature Onion.

Just like you, many players out there are looking for locations to find & unlock the Ice Onion in Pikmin 4. It is the only way to increase this creature’s population quickly. However, players can also find some by exploring the caverns but doing so might take a while. So it seems using their race onion seems to be the viable option. However, getting it is not that easy and will take a quick grind. But if you’re ready to do what it takes to unlock the Ice Pikmin Onion, then we’ll help you get it.

Where to Find Ice Pikmin Onion in Pikmin 4?

How To Get Ice Onion In Pikmin 4 (Location)
Source Image: GameXplain

In Pikmin 4, the Ice Pikmin Onion is located in the Hero’s Hideaway, sitting in the far north of the map over a refrigerator. To unlock this 4th area of the game you’ll need to collect up to 7000 Sparklium. However, the grind doesn’t end there, to reach the refrigerator area you’ll need to beat the Frozen Inferno Cave. Moreover, you’ll be also required to buy Scorch Guard for you and Oatchi. If you’ve already given the puzzle a try but have no luck solving it, then scroll down for more details.

  1. First, go ahead and unlock Hero’s Hideaway by collecting 7000 Sparklium.
  2. Next, buy Scorch Guard gear for you and Oatchi from Russ’s lab.

    floating platfrom to reach and beat Frozen Inferno Cave pikmin 4
    Source Image: MonkeyKingHero
  3. After that, head to the marked area on the map above and hop on the Floating platform. The platform will take you to the top of the kitchen.

    dig the spot to set a base in heros hideaway to find Onion
    Source Image: DrKendoCommentaries
  4. Then, enter the dig spot on the corner of the counter that will lead you to the feasting area.
  5. After reaching down, simply set a base so you can use the Onion as soon as you get it.
  6. Once done, head back up via the same dig spot you created.
  7. Now move ahead and go to the burner to enter the cave. Don’t forget, to enter this cave you’ll need the Scorch Guard for you and Oatchi.

    enter the frozen inferno cave to beat the cave and access the
    Source Image: DrKendoCommentaries
  8. After entering the Frozen Inferno Cave, simply beat it as soon as you can.
  9. Once done beating you’ll automatically be teleported to the other side of the counter (Inaccessible area). By doing this you’re half done with the puzzle to find the Ice Pikmin Onion in Pikmin 4.

    Where to Find Ice Pikmin Onion in Pikmin 4
    Source Image: MonkeyKingHero
  10. Now go ahead and click the switch-like button kept on the book. Doing so will bring up the Faloting platform.
  11. Next, hop on the platform and use some of your Ice Pikmin to dig up the frozen Ice Onion.
  12. And voila, now you can take it to your base and increase the population of the Ice Pikmin easily.

That’s everything about the location to find & unlock the Ice Pikmin Onion in Pikmin 4. If you haven’t got your hands on the White Pikmin, then check out how to do it. Also, take a look at the locations to find the Rock Onion in Pikmin 4.