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Skyrim: How To Get A House In Raven Rock

Here is how you can get a house in Raven Rock in Skyrim Dragonborn DLC.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC has been available for quite some time now, and one of the things people want to do in it is, get a house in Raven Rock. Unlike your usual method of buying houses, this one is different. You need to do a few quests in order to get a house and citizenship here. And with a little help, you will be able to complete it in no time. So let us quickly check how to get a house in Raven Rock in Skyrim.

How to Get a House in Raven Rock in Skyrim


skyrim dragonborn dlc get house in raven rock
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You can get a house in Raven Rock in this game by defeating Vendil Severin. Here are all the steps for this quest:

  1. Start by completing the March of the Dead quest. It is a side quest in this DLC.
  2. After that, go and talk to Captain Veleth.
  3. Next, go to Adril Arano and talk to him.
  4. He will tell you about how he suspects Councilor Morvayn is about to be killed and will ask you to investigate.
  5. Go to the Retching Netch and talk to Geldis Sadri.
  6. He will mention about someone leaving ash yam offerings on the Altar inside the Ulen Ancestral Tomb.
  7. Go to the Ulen Ancestral Tomb and wait for the person to pay their respects.
  8. Once they arrive you can confront them. Or if you miss them then follow the quest marker.
  9. The person you will meet is Tilisu Severin. Confront her and ask her intentions.
  10. She will then head back to the Tomb, go and talk to her again.
  11. Now, go and update Adril Arano about the situation. He will give you the key to Severin Manor.
  12. Go to the Manor and inside you will fight Tilisu Severin.
  13. Defeat her and loot her for the safe key.
  14. Go to the main bedroom and look for a safe.
  15. Open it and you will get the evidence you need.
  16. Again, go back and talk to Adril Arano.
  17. He will then assign you to take down the threats trying to take down Councilor Morvayn.
  18. Go to the dungeon with the guards and take down Vendil Severin.
  19. Finally, go back and talk to Adril Arano and he will arrange a meeting between you and the Councilor.
  20. Councilor Morvayn will then reward you with the Severin house and everything in the Manor. He will also give you citizenship to Raven Rock.


That covers this guide on how to get a house in Raven Rock in Skyrim Dragonborn DLC. If you need help on other topics of this game, check our guides on how to destroy or join Dark Brotherhood, and enable survival mode.