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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Guide: How To Join Or Destroy Them

Learn all there is to know about the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim from this guide.

Skyrim is the Action Roleplaying Game created by Bethesda. Loved by all for its gameplay & also for its memes. The game offers a lot of quests that the player can complete. Skyrim also has a variety of people & groups as seen through its Lore. One such organization is the Dark Brotherhood. They are an organization of highly trained assassins that once were feared by all in Tamriel. They have since lost their glory but still operate as efficiently as back then. You as a player can either join or destroy them if you so wish to. In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

How to Join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

join or destroy dark brotherhood skyrim

To join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, there are a few things you will need.

  • Firstly, anybody can join the Dark Brotherhood as long as they can kill without remorse.
  • Secondly, you will need a High Sneak Stat as this is the base requirement for most of their Quests. Get to a Sneak level 50 and then add on Perks like Assassin’s Blade or Backstab.
  • You can also use Spells & Illusions to achieve this.
  • Once you have all of the requirements, you will need to attract the Dark Brotherhood’s attention.
  • You can achieve this by going to any Inn in Tamriel & ask the Innkeeper for the latest Gossip.
  • He will tell you that Aventus Aretino is trying to perform the Black Sacrament in Windhelm.
  • The Black Sacrament is the Dark Brotherhood’s initiation into the organization.
  • By following the Quest relating to Aventus Aretino, you will gain the attention of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.
  • Once you do, they will send a courier after 24 hours.
  • After receiving the courier, sleeping in any Bed will activate the Dark Brotherhood Quest and you will be kidnaped to an Abandoned Shack.
  • From there, you will talk to Astrid, an assassin from the Brotherhood.
  • Complete her quest to gain the choice of Joining the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Accept it and you will become a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

How to Destroy the Brotherhood

To destroy the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, you will have to follow the line of Quests that will eventually lead you to Astrid. Complete her Quest and you will be given the option of Joining or Destroying the Dark Brotherhood. If you opt for destroying them, you will attack Astrid & this will open the Questline for that decision. Make your decisions carefully as having an organization of skilled assassins behind you may end up being a bad thing.

This was all about Joining or Destroying the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Skyrim Duplication Glitch.