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V Rising Horse Guide: How To Get A Mount

Learn how to get a Horse in V Rising from this guide.

V Rising is a Survival Action-Adventure game with Multiplayer. In this game, you play as a weakened Vampire who woke up from slumber. Now you must gather resources, battle foes, & build up your Castle and Army. The game has a huge map and traversing on foot can be time-consuming. Even if you use abilities, it is still a lot of distance. As such, the game has given us a travel option of Horses. This guide will show you how to get a Horse in V Rising.

How to Get a Horse in V Rising


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Horses are passive creatures in V Rising that players can use to travel the world of V Rising. You can find Horses commonly in Dunley Farmlands. You can get a Horse at the border of Farbane & Dunley in Militia Encampments or in any Farm-like areas. When you do find a Horse, Hold F to Mount it and you will be able to ride the Horse. Now just take your Horse, go back to your Castle and it is now yours. There are a few conditions that revolve around a Horse in V Rising.

You can Mount and claim any wild Horse you find. Once you claim a Horse, you will be able to see it on your Map. Your Horse will not warp to your respawn location if you end up dying near it. It also can die so be careful. If your Horse in V Rising ends up dying then it may respawn in its original location, when it was claimed by the player. If the player dies, then they will have to run back to their death location to get back their Horse or find another one. One important thing you should know is that you will still take damage from the Sun if you are Horse riding. This can obviously be mitigated by Armor and the like.


Once you claim a Horse, it will be yours until it dies or another player steals it from you. Each Horse has different stats so it is recommended to get a few of them. Like the Vampires in this game, Horses need resources to stay healthy. You will need to give it waterskins of water. Over a period of time, the Horse will consume it dry after which you will have to restock it.

This was all about getting a Hore in V Rising. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like How To Make Leather in V Rising.