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Pokemon Scarlet Violet: How To Get Higher Star Tera Raids

Here is how you can get higher star raid battles in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.

While playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you might want to unlock higher star tera raids. Tera Raid battles is a game mechanism that lets you participate in raid battles to take down strong Pokemon. Not only do you get to catch the Pokemon after the battle, but you can also get neat items like Ability Patch, Herba Mystica, and more. And the more the star rating of your raid, the better Pokemon and items you get. So in this guide check out how to unlock higher 5, 6, and 7 star tera raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


How to Get Higher Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

unlock higher star tera raid battles in pokemon scarlet violet

You can get higher star raids after you beat the game. When you interact with glowing crystals in the open world. You get to take part in the raid battles. The problem is that the lower the star a raid battle has, the fewer rewards you get. But as the star level increases you start facing tougher and better Pokemon. So in order to get higher star Tera raid battles you should do the following:

  1. Beat the Main game story.
    • Victory Road
      • Beat all 8 Gyms
      • Defeat the Elite 4
      • Beat the Champion
    • Path of Legends
      • Defeat all 5 Titan Pokemon
        • Klawf
        • Orthworm
        • Bombardier
        • Great Tusk (Scarlet)/Iron Treads (Violet)
        • Tatsugiri/Donodozo
    • Starfall Street
      • Defeat all Team Star base leaders
        • Giacomo
        • Mela
        • Atticus
        • Ortega
        • Eri
  2. After completing the main story. You need to compete and win the tournament at your School.
  3. Once you complete the Tournament one of your teachers will call you to inform you there are 5-star raids happening all over Paldea.
  4. Go and beat many such 5-Star Tera Raids. This will unlock 6-Star Tera Raid Battles.
  5. Now, complete several 6-Star Tera Raids and you will finally unlock 7-Star Raid Battles.

That covers everything you need to do to unlock higher 5, 6, and 7 star tera raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Victory. If you are just starting then you should check our guide on which gym to challenge first. And for help on other topics be sure to check our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet section.