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Pokemon Scarlet Violet Gym Order: Which To Challenge First?

Here is the gym you should take on first in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.

Since Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is an open-world game many players are not sure which gym to challenge first. This can be daunting if you don’t know whether the gyms are scaled by level or not. Sadly they aren’t so even with the open world the gym levels are fixed. And it is best if you challenge them as you level up your Pokemon to get the best experience. So in this guide, check out which gym to challenge first in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and order for all 3 paths: Victory Road, Path of Legends, & Starfall Street.


Which Gym to Challenge First in Pokemon Scarlet Violet?

which gym to challenge first in pokemon scarlet violet

You should challenge Cortondo gym first. Its Gym leader is Katy who uses Bug-type Pokemon. The reason you should challenge her first is that she has the lowest-level Pokemon when compared to other leaders. In her match she uses these Pokemon:

  • Nymble (Bug)
    • Level: 14
    • Moves: Struggle Bug, Double Kick
  • Tarountula (Bug)
    • Level: 14
    • Moves: Bug Bite, Assurance
  • Teddiursa (Normal)
    • Level: 15
    • Moves: Fury Cutter, Fury Swipes

This gym is even better to start with if your starter is Fuecoco. Alternatively, if you chose Sprigatito or Quaxly, then you should catch some Flying or other Pokemon that counter Bug-type before challenging Katy.


Here is the best-order path for each of the 3 modes in the game.

Best Victory Road Path – Gym Order For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

victory road path of legends and team star base challenge order in pokemon scarlet violet first gym


This is the path from lowest level Pokemon to highest.

  • Cortondo
    • Type: Bug Pokemon
    • Leader: Katy
    • Pokemon Level: 14-15
  • Artazon
    • Type: Grass Pokemon
    • Leader: Brassius
    • Pokemon Level: 16-17
  • Levincia
    • Type: Electric Pokemon
    • Leader: Iono
    • Pokemon Level: 23-24
  • Cascarrafa
    • Type: Water Pokemon
    • Leader: Kofu
    • Pokemon Level: 29-30
  • Medali
    • Type: Normal Pokemon
    • Leader: Larry
    • Pokemon Level: 35-36
  • Montenevera
    • Type: Ghost Pokemon
    • Leader: Ryme
    • Pokemon Level: 41-42
  • Alfornada
    • Type: Psychic Pokemon
    • Leader: Tulip
    • Pokemon Level: 44-45
  • Glaseado
    • Type: Ice Pokemon
    • Leader: Grusha
    • Pokemon Level: 47-48

Path of Legends Order

  • Stony Cliff Titan: Klawf
  • Lurking Steel Titan: Orthworm
  • Open Sky Titan: Bombardier
  • Quaking Earth Titan: Great Tusk (Scarlet)/Iron Treads (Violet)
  • False Dragon Titan: Tatsugiri/Donodozo

Starfall Street Order

  • Giacomo & his Dark Crew
  • Mela & her Fire Crew
  • Atticus & his Poison Crew
  • Ortega & his Fairy Crew
  • Eri & her Fighting Crew

That covers this guide on which gym to challenge first in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and orders for all paths in the game. If you are interested in learning more about this game be sure to check out our Pokemon SV guides.