How To Get Hide In LOTR Return To Moria

Hide in LOTR Return to Moria is quite important if you are looking increase inventory space among other things. However, farming it will be quite a task since they are not exactly easy to get in the early game stages. Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria has numerous such mechanics that players will have to keep an eye out for.

On many occasions, players are confused between Hide and Hide Scraps. While both have their own use, this guide will show you how to get Hide. As the name suggests, you will have to hunt a few animals. However, not all of them are useful when it comes to Hide.

How to Farm Hide in LOTR Return to Moria

The best way to farm Hide in LOTR Return to Moria is to kill larger animals like Cave Bears or Hriwara. Although there are a few more ways that you unlock after progressing, this is the best way to do so in the early game. Make sure that these are large animals since the smaller ones will only drop Hide Scraps. Hriwara are best found in the Elven region and players can quickly get them with a Hunting Bow.

How to Craft Hide

How to Farm Hide in LOTR Return to Moria
Image Source: North Beach Games via YouTube

As you progress further and reach The Crystal Descent, you will have to repair the Descent in order to get Resin and Loom as the reward. You can craft your own Hide now with the Loom. Players will need to farm Hide Scraps and Resin to craft Hide. The best way to farm Hide Scraps is hunting smaller animals. Since this is more towards the later game, it won’t be as useful if you are still early into the game.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other LOTR Return to Moria guides right here at Gamer Tweak. You should know how to repair tools since they will be damaged as you progress.