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How To Get Hero Coins & Unlock Characters In Naraka Bladepoint

Looking for a free way to unlock heroes in Naraka Bladepoint? You should get Hero Coins for it.

In Naraka Bladepoint, you should get yourself Hero Coins as it is an important currency that you need for unlocking Heroes. Since its recent transition to the free-to-play model and its release for PS5, the game has seen an increase in its player base. No matter how you choose to play this Battle Royale, having the right hero can impact your chances of victory. But if you don’t want to spend real money on them, there are only a handful of things you can do to unlock them. So here is a quick guide on all ways you can earn hero coins in Naraka Bladepoint and unlock all characters.

How to Get Hero Coins in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint earn Hero Coins and Unlock Heroes
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The two main ways to get Hero Coins are by converting Tae Coins and Gold bars. The conversion rate for them is as follows:

  • 120 Tae Coins = 1 Hero Coin
  • 6 Golden Bars = 1 Hero Coin

In order to convert them, here is what you do:

  1. Go to the Shop.
  2. Next, head over to the Item tab.
  3. The first two options will be Hero Coin.
  4. Click on the currency that you would like to convert.
    • You have a Hero Coin purchase limit of 168 hours when buying them using Tae Coins. After converting certain Hero Coins you will need to wait for 7 days before using it again.
    • Gold bars on the other hand have no limit. So as long as you have at least 6 Gold bars, you can convert them anytime to get these Hero Coins.

While the above two are the main ways, you can also do these additional things:

  • Claim Battle Pass Rewards: You occasionally get Tae Coins in the Battle Pass which you can claim and keep to later convert to Hero Coins.
  • Daily login: Remember to log in to the game daily to get 100 Hero Coins on Day 2 and 65 Hero Coins on Day 7.
  • Complete Training Chapters: You get 50 Hero Coins each for completing Chapter II: Grappling Hook and Chapter V: Counter in the Specialized Practice section of Training.

How to Unlock Heroes in Naraka Bladepoint

You have to spend 100 Hero Coins to get 1 Hero in Naraka Bladepoint. This means you will need to collect 12,000 Tae Coins for it. If you don’t mind spending money, then you can buy 600 Gold bars instead.

That’s all on how you can get Hero Coins in Naraka Bladepoint. If you have collected 100 of it I suggest you check out our Best Hero tier list to decide which character to unlock.

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