Naraka Bladepoint Hero Tier List (October 2023)

Here are the rankings of the best characters in Naraka Bladepoint.

Want to be the last man standing in every match? Then check out this Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List. The popular Battle-Royale game features an extensive list of characters with different abilities and Ultimate skills. Whether you prefer the Ranged class or Support, you will eventually need to select the best all-around unit to have a cutting edge over your opponents. This guide has a list of the best characters in the game right now according to the latest August roster update.

Best Hero in Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List

Here is our tier list of the best characters in Naraka Bladepoint ranked from S to C, with S being the meta character to choose and C being the ones you should most definitely avoid.

S Tier

  • Matari
  • Yoto Hime


Matari naraka bladepoint tier list

If you like playing stealthy and moving swiftly, then there’s no better character than Matari in Naraka Bladepoint. The S-tier character is a fan-favorite choice in Ranked Play. Her unique skill Silent Flutter can help her teleport a certain distance toward a set direction while on the ground or air.

Matari also has an Ultimate ability called Unseen Wings which lets her enter Stealth and become nearly invisible for around 20 seconds. Her abilities can give you the upper hand in almost every battle while also helping you survive the final circle.

Yoto Hime

yoto hime best character

If you want a character who can easily combo your opponents to death or unleash a Giant Spirit Sword, then look no further than Yoto Hime. The S-tier character is quite easily on par with Matari in Naraka Bladepoint. Her best ability is the Spirit Slash which lets her deal damage to her enemies by throwing a blade. And that’s not all, after hitting the enemy, Yoto Hime can teleport towards the direction of the blade and slash the enemy again.

A Tier Character in Naraka Bladepoint

  • Justina Gu
  • Feria Shen
  • Tarka Ji
  • Tianhai
  • Viper Ning
  • Yueshan
  • Ziping Yin

Justina Gu

If you like using Ice-based abilities, then Justina Gu should be your preferred choice in Naraka Bladepoint. Justina falls under the A-tier as she possesses high defensive abilities which increases her durability during any battle-royale match. Justina’s Ice Core skill lets her freeze herself and be immune to any damage for a short period of time. Her Ultimate skill Artic Wraith gives a small ATK boost while also changing her skill to Shadowswipe.

Feria Shen

Feria Shen is one of the best DPS units in Naraka Bladepoint. She comes under the A-tier as she also possesses high mobility and durability stats. Feria can inflict AoE damage with her Bronze Mech while also being resistant to any damage during that period. She also has two deadly Ultimates called Mech Mayhem and Mech Mayhem Restore. Since Feria is the only character on this list that uses mechs, she can be the X-factor in your team.

Tarka Ji

Another A-tier character in Naraka Bladepoint is none other than Tarka Ji. He possesses the Inner Fire ability which helps him be resistant to any attack for 3 seconds and also counterattacks if struck by any opponent. Tarka Ji’s Ultimate skill sets him ablaze and also sets any enemy he comes in contact with on fire. The Ultimate skill is very hard to tackle and spells a certain death to any enemy in Tarka’s sights.


Tianhai has a pretty solid Ultimate which cements his place in the A tier of Naraka Bladepoint. His Divine Bell skill gives him a temporary shield that protects him from any physical attacks for a few seconds. However, his Ultimate skill Titan’s Call turns him into a massive beast called Varja. Tianhai can then inflict lots of damage depending on the rarity of weapons he possesses, The best part is that even if Tianhai takes any damage while being a Varja, he doesn’t take any of it when he transforms back.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning is a pretty decent damage dealer in Naraka Bladepoint. Her Yushan Enigma attack can help you avoid blue-charged attacks while also dealing damage to the same enemy. Viper Ning’s Ultimate ability, Twilight Crimson marks nearby enemies with a red icon over their heads. After a few seconds, all these enemies are stunned for five seconds which helps you gain the upper hand and deal damage accordingly.


Yueshan’s Line Breaker skill is pretty average as it simply involves a short dash that knocks down an enemy. However, what makes Yueshan a part of the A-tier in Naraka Bladepoint is its powerful Ultimate ability. The Troop Decimation ultimate gives Yueshan new armor, movesets, and a large pool of health for 25 seconds. He can then deal severe damage to any enemy in the vicinity which can most likely turn any match in your favor.

Ziping Yin

Ziping Yin best support character

Ziping Yin is a newly introduced Support character in the Naraka Bladepoint roster. She has three solid Ultimates – Saving Grace, Aegis, and Gauze. She has great healing capabilities and is also quite solid in battle which makes her the best Support character in the game right now.

B Tier

  • Valda Cui
  • Wuchen
  • Temulch
  • Akos Hu

Valda Cui

The first B-tier character in Naraka Bladepoint is Valda Cui. She is the queen of the ocean and can send a Tide Trap through her Haze skill that traps enemies inside it for two seconds. Valda’s Ultimate skill Nether Nightmare sends out a wide wave that inflicts damage to anyone left in its wake.


Wuchen is another solid B-tier support character in Naraka Bladepoint. His Spirit Blades skill lets him summon 5 blades that stay for 60 seconds in the air. Using the skill again will fire the blades at nearby enemies. His ultimate skill Tai Chi Rift can teleport teammates up to 120 meters away while also providing buffs to them.


If you are a fan of wind-based attacks in Naraka Bladepoint, then Temulch is the one for you. The B-tier character’s Zephyr Wisp skill summons wards that can shield him from ranged attacks. Using the skill again will fire the wisps at the enemy. Lastly, Temulch’s Ultimate Skill Zephyr Prison lets him create a sandstorm that slows down any enemy that comes in contact with it.

Akos Hu

Akosh Hu is the last B-tier character in our Naraka Bladepoint tier list. The recently introduced character in the roster is a strong DPS unit with high mobility stats as well.

C Tier

  • Kurumi
  • Takeda Nobutada


Kurumi is on the C tier in Naraka Bladepoint as she doesn’t possess the best offensive stats. She is quite weak in that department which doesn’t make her a desired choice for everybody. Since she is primarily a healer, her Ultimate ability Sacred Circle creates a large circle that instantly heals nearby allies.

Takeda Nobutada

Finally, we have Takeda Nobutada as another C-tier character in Naraka Bladepoint. The primary reason why he is ranked so low is because his skills as well as Ultimates are incredibly hard to master and not that effective in battle as well.

That’s all we had for you in our Naraka Bladepoint Characters tier list. We hope that this guide was able to help you choose the best character in battle royale matches. For more guides on the game, head to our Naraka Bladepoint section.