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Dinkum: How To Get Hard Wood

Check out this guide to get Hard Wood in Dinkum.

In Dinkum, your character resides on a stranded island. You have to farm, raise animals and make strong buildings and other structures for the development of our town. It is necessary to find resources on the island in order to create structures. The island has a lot of resources, including Hard Wood. It is very useful in crafting items in the game. Here’s how you can get Hard Wood in Dinkum.

How to Get Hard Wood in Dinkum

Weapons and tools in Dinkum need to be crafted using a Crafting Table. For the crafting of tools and weapons, Hard Wood is one of the necessary resources. Get Hard Wood uses these points:
How to get Hard Wood in Dinkum

  • Every activity in this game requires a specific license. Likewise, cutting trees in Dinkum requires a Logging License.
  • Purchase it from Fletch for 250 Permit Points if you don’t have one. However, upgrading to a level 2 Logging License is highly recommended. You need to reach level 10 of wood cutting and 1000 PP to unlock the license.
  • Now, go to John’s Goods and purchase a Basic Axe for 1,200 Dinks. Head over to the mines and collect Copper Ore to convert it into Copper Bars. It takes 2x Copper Bars and 1x Basic Axe to craft a Copper Axe.
  • The copper Axe is the best and easy-to-get tool to cut down the trees to obtain Hard Wood from it.
  • Hard Wood appears a bit darker in comparison to other Trees. As soon as the Hard Wood is cut, it is converted into Hard Wood logs.

That’s all you should know about Hard Woods in Dinkum. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide that covers the solution for getting Coconut from the island in Dinkum.